10 Things That Make An Introvert Irresistibly Attractive

I have a soft spot for introverts. Whether it’s someone I’ve had feelings for or a favorite character from a book or film, more often than not, it’s usually introverts that I tend to be most attracted to. Perhaps it’s because I’m an introvert myself and there’s a mutual understanding between our thought processes and the habits we possess. But whatever it is, I never seem to mind falling under their enchanting spell. Psych2Go shares with you 10 things that make an introvert irresistibly attractive:

1. They’re good listeners.

Introverts tend to listen more than they speak. They have an interest in understanding the way people and things work in the world. So, they listen with the intention of enriching their ability to see more. It comes from a place of selflessness to form better judgment and awareness of others rather than constantly interjecting the self.

2. They’re mysterious.

Introverts do a lot of self-containing. Just when you think you know who they are, they reveal something new that you would’ve never guessed. It’s not in their nature to lay their cards down on the table all at once. Rather, they choose to join the dance slowly. People as introverts don’t need to constantly be in the spotlight to keep others intrigued. They can be subtle about dropping bits and pieces of who they are that makes you coming back each time, asking for more.

3. They think before they speak.

Introverts don’t like to speak just for the sake of it. They speak meaningfully and with purpose. Introverts are mindful not only in what they choose to say, but how they choose to deliver it, making them less brash. They make some of our world’s most eloquent speakers.

4. They’re unique thinkers.

Because introverts spend so much time in their heads, they’re constantly thinking up new ideas. According to Susan Cain, author of Quiet, more ideas can be generated by working alone rather than brainstorming in group settings. Solitude encourages creativity because you’re allowing yourself to get lost within your work. People like Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein who contributed heavily to the branch of physics worked almost entirely alone. This makes introverts attractive with their inventive tendencies that pulls the rest of the world forward.

5. They pay attention to details.

Introverts make an observant bunch. They see things others may have only scratched on the surface. Moreover, they can make meaning from the subtle tidbits they have gathered, thus drawing attention to something that can offer a fresh perspective on life altogether. They can read others like books, making them great friends and romantic partners, especially for those who have felt misunderstood all their lives.

6. They’re intelligent.

Introverts have a voracious appetite for knowledge. They love to read and study for fun. This makes them intellectual creatures. And intelligence is a classy, sexy, and timeless trait to possess. It’s inspiring when they can teach you something you new.

7. They’re great conversationalists.

Introverts don’t like small talk. They prefer depth and meaning. Therefore, they make some of the best conversationalists with their incredible insights and self-reflection tendencies. They’re not afraid to dig, theorize, and conceptualize. When they communicate about possibilities, it engages others in open-ended discussions rather than black and white conversations that leave no room for stimulating questions.


8. They’re understanding.

Introverts tend to be highly sensitive individuals. Therefore, this makes them more empathetic when they become more receptive to other people’s feelings. Always on the lookout to understand better, this part of them creates less distance when forming emotional bonds with others.

9. They’re more disciplined.

They’re less impulsive and can delay instant gratification. This means that they’re prone to working hard towards their goals without being discouraged so easily by obstacles that get in their way. The patience instilled within them takes them far in life and makes them successful and reliable individuals.

10. They’re fiercely loyal.

Introverts are selective with who they let in their social circle. They don’t need a large network of people to establish closeness. Therefore, the few meaningful relationships they form with others are ones they harbor closely to them. They don’t like taking people for granted and would rather work through the difficulties with their loved ones, instead of leaving them for instant gratification purposes to form bonds with new faces.

Do you have feelings for an introvert? What makes you attracted to them? Leave a comment down below!



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Catherine Huang
Catherine Huang graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in English. She has a penchant for storytelling, ramen, and psychology. Catherine is a writer for Psych2Go and looks forward to reaching out to its growing community, hoping to encourage others to tap into self-examination and confront life's challenges head on with the most difficult questions.

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  1. Hello! Thanks for this beautiful article. I just met a new friend, she’s an introvert. Honestly I never had an introverted friend before this, all my friends are extrovert like me. So what I like was how my perceptions when I first met her her turned 360 degree as time passed. The more I know her the more I don’t know about her. I thought she’s a quiet girl but when we started to have the bond she’s actually a very fun and thoughtful person I can ever be with. I learned a lot about introverts with her.

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