12 Symptoms of a Psychopath

Psychopaths are not normal people; while they may have regular human characteristics, like passion and love, they also have distinguishing characteristics that make them a true psychopath. Characteristics of a psychopath include pathological lying, lack of empathy, and superficial charm. Take Adolf Hitler, for example, who has been defined as a psychopath. He displayed many characteristics of a psychopath due to his charm, narcissism, and manipulative personality. In this list, we will examine twelve symptoms of a psychopath, and what makes them so different from normal people.

12. Animal-driven


One of the more subtle characteristics of a psychopath is that they are animal-driven. This means that they are more concerned with basic human needs, like food, water, and money, according to research. Some psychopaths may also believe in a higher power and be more spiritual, but it is more likely that they deem basic primitive needs more important.

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