Fun Jobs for People Who Hate People

Some people just hate most people and that’s okay. This mindset is more common than you think. People like introverts, socially inept individuals, socially awkward, anxious people, and so on and so forth, prefer little to no contact with the outside world. Alas, in order to subsist in this modern age, one has to have a job to make some money. Jobs such as retail, doctors, lawyers, store owners are all wonderful jobs, but woeful to those who hate interacting with their same kind. Well if you hate other people and you’re searching for a fun job that has little to nothing to do with people then you’re in luck. Here are fun jobs for people who hate people.




1. Panda Nanny

This job made some headlines a while ago for its strange job description. The employers were looking for people who are willing to spend 24 hours with baby pandas, sharing all their joys and sadness. It’s like taking care of a young child except better because pandas don’t cry or throw toys at you when you don’t let them watch tv. Your employers will provide you with an SUV for free transport, meals, and accommodations.

Working hours: 365 days of the year.

Payment: 200,000 yuan which is equivalent to $32,500.

Where to sign up:

For more detailed information:

2. Island Caretaker Great Barrier Reef

Ever wanted a private island all to yourself but you don’t want to actually buy one? Well, then this job is perfect for you! Apply for this job and you’ll get Australia paying you to live on their Luxurious Hamilton island in the Great Barrier Reef. Kind of like housekeeping in paradise. All you have to do is blog about your experiences and promote the paradise island to the world.

Working hours: flexible hours for a whole 8 months.

Payment: approximately $150000

Where to sign up:

For more detailed information:


3. Videogame Tester

For all the socially awkward gamers, this job is for you. People will give you their newly developed games and ask you to play it in the comfort of your home and write down some notes to improve this game. You are being paid to play the one thing that your mother nagged you to shut off and do your homework instead. Well after your first paycheck you go to your mother and tell her, “Dreams do come true mom! MOM!”

Working hours: unspecified.

Payment: fewer than three years of experience earn an average of $36,136 per year. Those with between four and six years of experience averaged $45,769 per year.

Where to sign up: unspecified.

For more detailed information:


4. Dog surfing instructor

It’s very common that you get to learn how to surf when you’re on vacation, but some services offer to teach you and your dog. However, some instructors work exclusively with the dogs. You could be this instructor. Dogs can’t break your heart or nag at you or act like a know-it-all. No. Dogs are the perfect clients. Get paid to teach them how to have some fun time surfing the waves.

Working hours: unspecified.

Payment: unspecified.

Where to sign up: unspecified.

For more detailed information:


5. Embalming

Remember when we were kids and when we found a dead rat in the street we would poke it or throw pepsi on it to see what would happen? Embalming is the same thing except instead of rats you have bodies and instead of pepsi you have chemicals and you actually knew what you were doing. Interacting with people is not an issue when the person you’re working with is already dead, which makes for great listeners. Embalming is the preservation of the dead for funerals, religious reasons, or for medical and scientific purposes such as their use as anatomical specimens.

Working hours: 24 / 7.

Payment: $45,060

Where to sign up: unspecified.

For more detailed information:


6. Duck Master

Imagine marching couple of ducks through a hotel lobby while everyone is waiting in anticipation. And yes that is a real job. Working with ducks has got to be the most rewarding job for those who prefer animal company over human interaction. All you have to do is learn some duck calls, teach the ducks some tricks, and feed them.

Working hours: unspecified.

Payment: $85000

Where to sign up: unspecified.

For more detailed information:


7. Ostrich Babysitter

It may sound like the panda babysitter job except you don’t have to feed them or stay with them all the time. Your job is to make sure the baby ostriches don’t run away or peck each other. What makes this job so desirable is that you only need a highschool certificate and a way with animals.

Working hours: unspecified

Payment: 20$ an hour

Where to sign up: unspecified

For more detailed information: unspecified


8. Toques (Streetside shocks)

Have you ever hated people to the point where you actually wanted to zap them? Then Toques is the best job for you. Get ready to be paid to zap people in the streets. Carry around two metal rods and wait for someone to approach you and pay you to shock them. People who have experienced the shocks actually report enjoying them, mentioning that it feels like an adrenaline rush, better than coffee. It’s a fun job because you can witness your clients’ faces and reactions when you electrocute them before they tell you “Enough! ENOUGH!!”

Working hours: highly dependent on you, but I’d recommend early in the morning where you can see people in suits and briefcases desperately looking for a way to wake up because they forgot to drink their coffee that morning.

Payment: enough to get by.

Where to sign up: you are your own employer.

For more detailed information:


9. Professional sleeper

Getting caught sleeping in your job is not an issue in this profession, in fact, it is encouraged. People will pay you to test mattresses, to be involved in a scientific research involving sleep, taking sleeping pills for an art exhibit…what truly matters here is that when you’re asleep, you don’t have to deal with other people’s BS!

Working hours: depends on where you work.

Payment: depends on what sleep job you have.

Where to sign up: unspecified.

For more detailed information:


10. Any job where you are your own boss

The best job for those who hate other people is the one where they are their own company. You don’t have to talk or please anyone when you’re working alone. Now in this digital age, the possibilities are endless to what you can do to get by without talking to people. You can be a digital artist, a blogger, a vlogger, selling stuff on, a poet, a writer…just get creative. Really, the sky’s your limit.

Working hours: whenever.

Payment: whatever

Where to sign up: the internet

For more detailed information: your creative mind.

I'm Noura and I'm a collector of books (it's borderline hoarding at this point.) I'm also a writer for psych2go. I mainly write about introverts and other oddities. It's not too startling that psych2go is growing, for psych2go understands what it means to be different and celebrates it. I just want to contribute as much as I can to psych2go's growing audience.

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