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Inside the Life of a Psychology Student – Jessie Lewis & Allison Veras (#8)

In this article we will talk to two more psychology students, from America. We will ask them stuff to help you potential or current psychology students, and teach you a bit about these students. Specifically, we’ll ask them about their course, their career aims and their advice or you guys!

The first student is Jessie Lewis, a psychology student, with have an emphasis in mental health. She’s studying at Mary Baldwin College, which is actually now considered a university. This year she will be a junior in her second semester.


The second is Allison Veras, who is studying psychology at Lehman College as a junior.

We will ask these two what their programmes are like, what they want to do in the future, and some more general questions about their feelings towards psychology. Enjoy!

Firstly, their courses.

Us: How’s the program like and cost? 

JL: The psych program at MBC/U is great–it’s a small school so you get a lot of individualized attention if you need it, and there are a lot of internship opportunities. It is a little pricey, costing 48k a year, but I have a full ride so I don’t have to worry about that.

Us: How’s the education?

JL: It’s great. Some classes need to be a little more challenging, though

Us: Have you had much career advice or training in your programme?:

JL: not yet, but I’m trying for an internship position next spring.


Us: How’s the program like and cost? 

AV: The program is really helpful. The cost is pretty high I don’t know for sure.

Us: How’s the education? 

AV: The education is really good. I’m learning many things that I had no clue about previously.

Us: Have you had much career advice or training in your programme?

AV: Not yet but I’m interested in volunteering in a hospital with children who have sickle cell anemia, and other diseases that work in that same field.


Next, their career aims and plans for the future.

Us: What’s your goals in terms of career?

JL: I want to take a break after undergrad to find a steady job and a house, but after I’ve saved up for a bit I’m going to get my Ph.D, probably from UVa but maybe somewhere else. I’m still weighing my options. I’m going to be a sexual assault counselor, and I’m going to do research into PTSD treatments.

Us: What, outside of your degree, have you done to further your interest or career in psychology

JL: I’m a pretty active member on psych2go, and I read a lot of articles–especially those involving PTSD.


Us: What’s your goals in terms of career? 

AV: I’m interested in becoming a child psychologist. I would like to have a goal that I volunteer with children.

Us: What do you look to do after your degree, further study or work, or something else?

AV: I want to further my study on Child Psychology


And finally, some general questions surrounding psychology.

Us: What is your favourite topic within psychology? 

JL: Abnormal psych.

Us: Whats your favourite psychology fact/research study?

JL: Oh I have a bunch of favorite facts! I can’t really pinpoint just one, but I’ll be at a party or out with friends, and they’ll just start talking about one of those myths and I’ll be able to say “no, actually, that’s not true. Left brained people aren’t automatically better at logic, and right brained people aren’t automatically more creative”. It’s great.

Us: Do you have any criticisms of psychology as a field of study?

JL: Animal use in studies has always been a gray area for me. I know it’s necessary, but I just love animals so it feels wrong when you know there are just thousands of them dying to further research.


Us: What got you interested in psychology? 

AV: I took AP psychology in high school. I was not interested in it then but once I took it again in college first year second semester I fell in love with the subject.

Us: Do you regret choosing psychology? If so, why, if not, why not?

AV: No, I believe I’ve learned many rewarding things so far in the psychology field.

Us: Whats your favourite psychology fact/research study?

AV: Depth perception in babies has always been an interesting topic to me.

See you next time! 🙂

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