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Psych2Go started as a tumblr blog in 2015 to share concise psychology facts. In just over a year they gained over 500,000 followers. As Psych2Go grew people wanted more indepth information about psychology, and so their website was born to provide this ( Now, we have a good network of varying platforms, including YouTube and our Mental Health Recovery project. Overall, Psych2Go has 3 main aims :-

  1. to provide a platform for our fans to voice their thoughts
  2. to nurture aspiring psychologists
  3. to supplement brief fact memes so people can learn more about the field of psychology.

We hope in the future to become the number one source for psychological information.

Currently, with our managing director, Imogen Bowler, we have 6 issues of Psych2Go’s magazine published. Each issue covers a different theme:

  1. Issue 1 was ADHD awareness
  2. Issue 2 was Mental Health awareness
  3. Issue 3 was Substance Abuse
  4. Issue 4 was Social Anxiety
  5. Issue 5 was Adoption
  6. Issue 6 was Asexuality
  7. Issue 7 to be released is on Bisexuality

You can grab each of the magazines here at our newly launch store: IheartPsychology. 

If you’re interested in getting a digital or free copy of the first issue, feel free to reach out to us at

Also, we’re self funded with a super hardworking dedicated team. If you’re curious about a Patreon or subscription program we have set up, you can check it out: HERE

There are various reward tiers including memberships and sponsorship/recognition opportunities!


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