This Quiz Will Reveal how High your Spatial Intelligence is

9 Types Quiz Series

The spatial intelligence quiz is a well known concept. Spatial intelligence is also a dimension of Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligence theory. This said there are at least 9 areas of intelligence, on which a person can score. You don’t just have one type of intelligence, a person gets a range of scores on each single type of intelligence. You can take a “what is probably your strongest intelligence type? quiz here.

But today we are going to test just your spatial intelligence. We’ll also share some background science as well. This spatial intelligence quiz will deal – by definition – with judgement of 2D and 3D shapes and the ability to imagine and manipulate them in the mind. (source: Tosto, Hanscombe, Hayworth et al. 2014)

Spatial intelligence studies and spatial intelligence quiz

Some studies claim extroverts are better at spatial intelligence questions than introverts. (source: Dun & Eliot 1993) Would you like to test this? When you’re done, REBLOG or SHARE this. Don’t forget to add whether you identify as an introvert, extrovert or ambivert. We will calculate average scores for each group and publish the results on our tumblr page here when we’ve got plenty of replies.

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Other studies suggest that success at a spatial intelligence quiz at a young age can be a predictor of future success (source: Nisen 2013).  That is to say, if your score at a young age is already good compared to others of your age, research suggests you might possibly have a high chance of success at school or work. Children with higher scores were also said to be more likely to go into fields such as maths, computer science, and engineering. Though of course, this is only a suggestion, there are no guarantees.

Disclaimer: This quiz is exactly that, a quiz. It’s not an official exam or test, no rights can be derived from the scores. Sources of questions are in the image descriptions and at the bottom of the article.

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folding pointed rectangular box diagram 

folding cube with blue emoji question 

three map reading questions

Nisen 2013 – spatial ability and possible future success 

The turning cogs, shapes sequence and rotating circles with L-shapes in them. Wai, Lubinski et al.  (2009)

questions with blue folding box diagrams

rotating dotted black and white wheel question


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