10 Lessons For a Happier Life

Happiness comes in several different forms and it’s fascinating to see how it changes from person to person.

Most people don’t understand these changes, let alone understand why this change is a good thing. It is because it proves that you can alter everything you do in your life to bring out the happiness in you.

You can actually learn to be happy.

In this article, I will shed light on 10 lessons for a happier life;

  1. You are more capable than you know.

Remember when you first learned to swim or ride a bike? It must’ve been tough but, you did it! No matter how overwhelming it was, you did it.

You are way more capable of doing things than you know. You’ve already survived all your sad days and hard days; you’ve also made it through all of your worst days. You can do this! Keep on believing in yourself and keep going, you’ve got this!

  1. You get to set the rules for Your Life.

You are the only person who gets to control your life. You write your own story and you make the rules. You are the creator of your destiny.

There is a reason why there is no single definition of a happy life; you get to define what a happy life means to you and how you can get there. You are in charge, so take control, today.

3. You are not alone.

You are never alone. Someone, somewhere, is always going to be there for you. There is something powerful at play in the universe that is constantly trying to uplift you, bless you, and make you feel safer and better. Whether you call it your thoughts/higher self or you call it God or you just the Universe, make sure that you call on it. Summon it into your life to guide you on your journey. You get what you put out into the universe.

We often think that a happy life is something we must build on our own, but long-term happiness comes from the bonds that we create with others. The most significant factor in both our health and our happiness is healthy relationships.

4. Listen to your heart.

Follow your heart, it will always guide you to the right place. Many times, we know what we want, but there is something at the back of our minds that is holding us back. The heart can’t speak so it gives us a nudge, a feeling of being right or wrong. Listen to what your heart has to say, you know yourself the best.

Trust your heart.

  1. No one is going to give you permission to shine.

In this fast-paced life where everyone is trying to excel, no one is going to ask you to shine or to slow down and take a break. No one is going to walk up to you and tell you that you can now work on the person you dream of being.

You have to decide when to shine and how to shine. You have to decide when to stop and enjoy. This is your life.

  1. Play and imagination are not just for children.

Do you continuously worry about negative things in your life? It’s time to relive all those happy moments, recent accomplishments, your new ambitions, and exciting activities.

Not only will your days be more pleasant or temporary defeat fade to the background, but the positive things in your life will develop and prosper! Take yourself lightly and add more play to your day. Use your imagination to envision a happier and greater life for yourself — and then work towards creating it.

  1. Go to great lengths to discover your passions.

Have you ever thought about your greatest passion in life and how you can pursue it? Inner happiness comes from living with a purpose and a passion; the kind of purpose and passion that means that even if you had everything, it wouldn’t change the crux of your mission in the world.

Pursue your goals and discover your passion. Work towards achieving what you want and let nothing get in the way.

  1. Don’t believe everything you think or see.

Do you ever just sit in front of the T.V. or see something on social media that later brings you down? We think it is all a reality when in fact we are just dealing with the stories in our heads we have plastered on top of reality. Remember not everything you see is true, you only see a part of the actual story.

When we change our perspective, what we see changes.

  1. Life is not a race.

Despite what people say, life is not a race, it is an adventure. You don’t have to keep running in order to win. Slow down. Enjoy all the things that life has to offer. Take a breath. Relax. Take a moment for yourself and then for your loved ones too. Notice the little things in life, like the sound of the birds chirping in the morning. Spend time in nature. Go out with your friends. Pursue your hobbies.

Take things at your own pace. Enjoy this adventure, don’t rush it.

  1. You matter.

You matter. Despite whatever you feel about yourself, you matter. You are valuable and you are loved beyond measure. You are important.

As Eckhart Tolle says, “You are the Universe experiencing itself as a human for a little while. Your existence matters. Everything you do expands the entire cosmos.”

“Happiness is not something you will miraculously find one day in the distant future. Happiness is something that you develop over time, with your actions, thoughts, feelings, connections, and experiences every day. Don’t wait for the future to hope and find happiness, for the future is unknown. You can start creating your own happiness today, and every day!”- David Paul.


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