10 Reasons Why People Self Harm

Here’s the google doc where you guys could work collaborative and edit on. Start the intro with 3-4 sentences sharing and explaining why this topic is so important to watch and what people would miss out if they don’t watch/read it. As for the 10 reasons or points, start with a heading in active voice, followed by the research or explaination in 3-5 sentences. Keep the sentences short, since the script could potentially end up as a video.

For anyone else editing on the script, be sure to maintain the good parts of the original/previous creator. You can leave a credit to your full name at the end of the script as a co-script writer.


Google Doc Link:


Request access to the doc if you can’t type on it.

Any questions can be directed to editorial@psych2go.net

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  1. Dear Psych2Go,

    My name is Sarah and I have a history with self harm. I would like to share my experience by contributing editing your doc. Here are ways that I came up with that I and others I know self harm.

    Dopamine- The Stress Chemical

    When people cut, they release the stress chemical in they’re brain, making them feel a sensation. They don’t feel happy, but more of a satisfied state of them being in control.

    Exposer- Relatives or Peers

    If someone has exposer to others self injury, they might get worried and think about it more until they think or do so themself. Other times peer pressure can persuade a young individual to self harm themselves, opening them up to ideas and strategies on how to do it.


    Hallucinations are caused by a distrust in someone else or yourself. When felt this way you can become paranoid or unsure of your safety. This often leads to extreme measures such as self harm.

    ICD- Impulse Control Disorder

    When self harm is done or thought about fir anywhere from 30 days to three months, it becomes an addictive behavior. Like any addictive behavior, self harm is hard to control. Leading to compulsions and injuring everyday.


    If someone has experienced recent loss over a loved one, they aren’t feeling they’re best. Self harm can come as a way to help the individual cope with their problems, because they feel like nobody could help them.

    Trauma- PTSD

    Any type of trauma of an abusive relationship or sudden event can alter the way someone thinks. This doesn’t mean they’re necessarily being dramatic, they just could be confused or are missing the pain they felt for a period of time.


    Some people self harm when they are battling depressive thoughts. Self harm might be the only thing that gets them motivated to do simple task such as getting up in the mornings or basic hygiene.

    These are some reasons I came up with why people self harm. I love your videos so much. I’ve been watching since 2018 and they’ve helped me learn more about myself and my body.

    Thank you for your time,
    Sarah Jung

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