10 Signs Someone Is Becoming Emotionally Weaker

Have you ever wondered if someone was struggling but were too afraid to ask? Emotional weakness is not being able to cope with life’s daily struggles internally. Many things such as stress building up or a recent trauma can cause someone to become emotionally weaker. It’s an unstable, sometimes destructive state of mind, so you should be aware of what to look for to identify it. Knowing this, here are 10 signs someone is becoming emotionally weaker!   

1. They’ve given up on their daily routines   

Do they always stretch in the morning but lately don’t bother to anymore? Stopping daily routines may seem insignificant, but it’s a big sign someone is becoming emotionally weaker. Simply put, building healthy habits takes patience and discipline, so if they’ve suddenly quit, it may mean they’ve become burnt out. This could be due to an accumulation of stress and fatigue or a recent crisis. So, if this sounds like someone in your life, don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to them about it.   

2. They never say no   

Have you ever said yes to something you didn’t really want to do? If so, you know firsthand how hard it is to say no to someone. It can feel as if they never stop asking, which can eventually wear you down. The same logic applies to someone else never saying no. People constantly asking them for favors may have pushed them to the point of thinking no isn’t an option anymore. If someone you know has begun to say yes to things they normally wouldn’t, it’s a good sign they’re both becoming emotionally weaker and being taken advantage of.   

3. They don’t make time for self-care   

Do you feel like you always have to be working? In our productivity-oriented society, it can feel like making time for self-care is weak or makes you worth less. However, everyone should try to remember that isn’t the case, and everyone both needs and deserves a break. It’s hard to remember this, so if someone you know isn’t taking care of themselves, they may be becoming emotionally weaker. Knowing this, try to remind them that there is strength in prioritizing your well-being.   

4. Other people’s opinions have too much control over them 

Have they started trying to fit in with the popular group? Maybe they’ve begun to dress and act according to what’s “in” right now? While almost everyone cares about other people’s opinions of them, if someone has begun to let how others perceive them dictate their personality and actions, it likely means they’re becoming emotionally weaker. It takes strength to be different, which can sometimes be exhausting, so try to offer your support to someone struggling with this.   

5. They can’t make their own decisions 

Are they indecisive? Maybe one day it’s yes, but the next it’s absolutely not. This could be a form of letting other people’s opinions control them, but another cause could be decision fatigue. Decision fatigue is people’s ability to make rational choices decreasing after having to make many decisions. Simply put, they could be getting tired of making decisions, which is likely either a cause or side effect of becoming emotionally weaker.  

6. They avoid confrontation   

Do they complain about someone to you, but the second it comes to telling the person about it, suddenly everything is fine? While everyone needs to vent occasionally, someone avoiding serious confrontation probably means they’re emotionally weak. They may be afraid of confrontation or tired of not being listened to, so they don’t bother with it anymore. Regardless of why, you may want to have a conversation about their core issues and encourage them to express their opinions more. After all, confrontation is an important part of truly solving any problem. 

7. They’re always with people   

Are they always hanging out with someone? Do they never spend any time alone? When something is wrong, people tend to distract themselves by going out with friends. Whether it be problems at home, work, or school, never wanting to spend time alone is a good sign they’re becoming emotionally weaker and possibly spiraling out of control. Try to pay attention to whether someone is with people because they really want to be or if they want to avoid being alone with their thoughts.   

8. They hold grudges 

Can they remember every single time an ex-significant other wronged them? Holding grudges may seem harmless, but they weigh you down, sometimes without you even realizing it. It takes time and energy to remember how people have wronged you and consciously dislike them. This can lead to a buildup of negative emotions, and eventually, emotional burnout. The bottom line is if someone can’t move past a grudge, they’re more likely to become emotionally weak, so try to help them find the strength to let go.

9. They use social media to compare themselves to others   

Have you ever scrolled through Instagram wishing you lived a completely different life? It’s so hard to not give into constantly comparing yourself to others, meaning if someone you know has recently begun to, they may be becoming emotionally weaker. They could also be using it as a way to distract themselves from a recent trauma or problem. While always being on their phone may come off as normal, don’t be afraid to look deeper into why.   

10. They don’t laugh as often

When was the last time you heard them truly laugh? It may sound obvious, but if you don’t know what to look for, you may miss them laughing less often. Laughing is a sign someone is happy and content, so when someone doesn’t laugh, it likely means there’s something wrong. They could be becoming both emotionally and physically weaker, so try to check in with them and offer your support.   

The bottom line is that everyone is going through more than they show. Someone could appear fine but be struggling with so much behind the scenes, so don’t be afraid to let them know you’re there for them.  

Do you think these signs will help you identify someone becoming emotionally weaker? If so, which ones? Feel free to comment on your experience, input, or suggestions down below.  

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