10 Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking Of You

Have you ever wondered how to tell if someone is constantly thinking of you? You may ask yourself questions like, “Is it just my imagination, or do I see them everywhere I go?” or, “Why does it feel like they’re always staring at me?” Figuring out whether someone is thinking of you can be hard, and you may end up feeling like you’re overthinking or exaggerating in the end. It can seem impossible to tell because, after all, they’re someone else’s thoughts, so how are you supposed to guess what they’re about? However, did you know there are actually many signs someone is always thinking of you? They can be small and easy to miss if you don’t know what to look for, so here are 10 signs someone is constantly thinking of you!   

1. Their body language is open to you

Have you ever felt as if someone was friendly without talking to them? Or vice versa: have you ever felt someone was cold and closed off without really knowing them? You may not realize it, but the reason why people give off specific traits is their body language. So, you’ve been subconsciously reading body language your whole life! According to Psychiatrist Stephen Gans, because most people don’t know how to control body language, it subconsciously gives away what they’re thinking. For example, the direction people point their feet and legs is a big indicator. The feet are the first things that move when going somewhere, so the direction they’re facing hints at where the person would like to be. If they’re always facing you, the person is likely thinking of you and wants to get closer to you.  

2. Their smile lingers when talking to you

Have you ever liked someone so much you felt unable to control your smile around them? If someone has been thinking of you for a long time, when they finally see you, it’ll likely be hard to suppress their smile and excitement. Their face will light up when you two start talking, and their smile will continue through the conversation. If someone is always excited and happy to talk to you, there’s a good chance they’ve been looking forward to it for a while! 

3. They keep you in their line of sight   

Do you ever see the same person in the corner of your eye during a get-together? If so, it probably means they’re trying to keep you in their line of sight. People want to keep those they care about within their field of vision to ensure they’re safe. The same logic applies to someone who is always thinking of you. They want to see you the whole time to see what you’re doing, who you’re talking to, and even to wait for an opportunity to approach you. Simply put, if someone is thinking of you, they want to see you and will make an effort to!  

4. They always approach you

When someone is thinking about you throughout their entire day, they’re likely going to try to find any reason to talk to you. It could be by asking you questions they could easily find the answer to, taking the same routes as you, or going to the same places you do. If you’ve noticed someone going out of their way to approach you, it’s a good sign they’ve been thinking about you all day!   

5. They open conversations with jokes   

While it may sound arbitrary, most people make jokes based upon a situation, not to start a conversation because it’s harder to think of a joke off the top of your head. So, someone using jokes to start a conversation likely means they heard a joke and remembered it to tell you. This is a great sign they’re always thinking of you as they keep you in mind after hearing something funny! 

6. They begin to share your interests   

Have you ever tried to pick up something just to talk to someone you were constantly thinking of? Sharing someone’s interests is a great way to talk and bond with people. As seen by a 2017 study on marriage by the PEW Research Center, 64% of married couples say having shared interests is important to a successful relationship. Knowing this, someone who is always thinking of you is likely going to try to have common factors with you. This could be in the form of befriending your friends, starting a new hobby, or watching a series you like. It’s a great sign someone is always thinking of you if they take the time to investigate what you like.   

7. They remember small details about you   

According to Shahram Heshmat, Ph.D., an associate professor at the University of Illinois, you remember what you pay closer attention to. You’ve likely experienced this before with being able to remember things about subjects you like, but when it comes to something you dislike, you seem to forget everything. So, if someone is always thinking of and paying attention to you, they’re going to remember facts about you better.  

8. They mention you when talking to their friends   

When people are thinking a lot about anything, they’re going to mention it to their friends. It could be a new job, significant other, or a problem they’re having. Regardless of what it is, if someone thinks about it a lot, it’s going to slip into their daily conversation with others. So, if someone mentions the funny story you told a few days ago, your weekend plans, or other details of the like, it’s a sure sign they’re constantly thinking of you.

9. They’ve become more active on your social media pages 

If you’ve ever stalked someone else’s profile, you likely know the feeling of digging through someone else’s timeline to find out everything about them. Knowing this, if someone has begun to comment and like all your posts, especially soon after you’ve posted, it probably means they’re constantly thinking of you.    

10. They respond to your messages instantly  

Have you ever had a little spark of excitement when someone you like texted you? If so, you likely know how excited and happy you were to respond. The same logic applies to someone constantly thinking of you. When they get a text from you, they can’t help but respond quickly. If you’ve noticed someone responding to your messages within the first few minutes, there’s a good chance they were thinking of you beforehand.   

Figuring out whether someone is constantly thinking of you can be hard, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Knowing this, do you think these signs will help you? Is there someone you wish was always thinking of you? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, experiences, or suggestions!    

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