10 Signs Your Manifestation is Coming

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Spirituality means different things to different people, but overall it’s something that gives many people a sense of purpose and guides them along their journey to find meaning in life.  Spirituality and psychology don’t always go hand in hand, but spiritual beliefs do have the ability to positively influence mental health. In fact, spirituality is one of the eight dimensions of wellness, which are eight areas health experts suggest focusing on and balancing to achieve optimal overall health (Stoewen 2017).

That’s why this article will focus on the Law of Attraction, the spiritual belief that we attract into our lives whatever it is that we’re focusing on.  We already know our minds are powerful things. The Law of Attraction explains that the reason is the energy our thoughts carry. We can harness that energy by visualizing what we want.  Basically, the things we think about eventually become reality, so having a positive mindset is crucial. The process is called manifestation.

Though not based in science, the Law of Attraction is a widely known concept used by many intelligent people including businessmen, psychology majors, counselors, and leaders.  Its proponents talk about how figuring out this “secret” of life has helped them achieve their goals.

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction and are trying to use it in your life, or if you’re just hearing about it now and are planning to give its principles a try, here are ten ways to know if it’s working.

1. You feel calm

Those who use the Law of Attraction talk about feeling a sense of calm before their manifestation comes.  Sometimes they don’t even know why they feel so at ease. Sometimes their calm doesn’t make any sense. It might simply be that they trust things to work out or it could be due to more complex reasons.  But even if the reason isn’t clear, if you begin to feel less anxious and more peaceful, it’s a sign that you know deep down that good things are coming.

2. You feel more confident

People who use the Law of Attraction also feel more confident before receiving what they’ve been visualizing.  It’s almost like a reward for working so hard to stay focused on the positives. So if you’ve been thinking positively and picturing what you want, you might be struck with a sudden sense of certainty and confidence.  You’ll realize that you don’t have to worry because things are sure to work out.

3. You notice more of the positive things you want around you

If you’re trying to manifest something by visualizing it clearly in your mind,  you’ll soon notice good things around you in abundance. You’ll be more attuned to positives.  You’ll be looking for them, which means regardless of your beliefs, you’re more likely to find them.

4. The universe leaves you signs as coincidences called synchronicities

When things happen at exactly the right time and in the right way, it can seem like it’s too good to be true. And many people believe that in those cases, they are.  They believe it’s suspicious and that something bad has to be around the corner. But such negative thinking leads to negative things. The Law of Attraction says that synchronicities are supposed to be reassuring.  They are the universe’s way of filling you with things to be optimistic about. If you don’t believe in synchronicities in a spiritual way, look at them as your mind being particularly aware of positivity, which still means you’re getting closer to your manifestation.

5. You are looking at challenges in a different light

When your manifestation is coming, challenges no longer seem daunting or exhausting.  You might even be excited at the opportunity to conquer them! You believe deep down that you will arrive at the reality you’ve been hoping for, so challenges don’t seem to matter.  After all, you know that, as the Law of Attraction states, the universe is always on your side.

6. You are happier

It might happen gradually, but before you receive your manifestation, you’ll feel happier.  When you trust the process of the Law of Attraction, you experience more joy because you trust that good things are coming.  And whether or not you believe in the spirituality behind it, that kind of trust and optimism is beneficial for happiness and overall mental health.

7. New obstacles appear in front of you

If something is taken away from you, or if a new obstacle appears, it’s another sign that your manifestation is coming soon.  That’s because obstacles mean you’re on the right track. Sometimes the new problem is there to teach you one last thing before you’re given what you’ve been asking for.  It’s just like in stories when the hero needs to face his or her fears or battle an enemy before the story’s happy ending. Or like the old saying “it always gets worse before it gets better.”

8. More opportunities are coming to you

When your manifestation is coming, it’s natural for more opportunities to present themselves to you than usual.  Perhaps you have the chance to take an advanced class or to work on a special project with your boss. It’s a good idea to look out for such chances, since they’re most likely stepping stones to lead you farther down your path.

9. You are less fearful than before

Using the Law of Attraction can help you feel less fearful of things like challenges, obstacles, opportunities and the future.  The reason has to do with the certainty that comes with believing in your manifestation and the LOA itself. In other words, if you fully believe that you will attract what you’re focusing on, you know you don’t have to be afraid of the unknown.  It might also have to di with the power of your own mind, but feeling less fear is one sign that your manifestation is coming.

10. You have dreams about what you want

It makes sense that we dream about what we want to manifest in our lives.  Dreams are the stories and images our minds come up with while our bodies are asleep, and if we’re focused on what we want in our waking hours, it follows to say that we’re the same while we rest.  Being so focused that you dream about your manifestation means you’re on your way to experiencing it in reality.

Even if you aren’t a big proponent of the Law of Attraction, it’s still a fascinating concept.  And with so many people reading about it and using it in their lives, it might be worth trying out for yourself!

It’s worth noting that something called the Placebo Effect might be at work when using the LOA. This means the beneficial effect happens because you believe it’s going to happen. (Lyubomirsky 2008) It’s something psychologists have studied extensively through experiments where they give one test group actual treatment and another a sugar pill (placebo) that should have no influence on the subjects. The results show that an overwhelming number of people still show improvement when getting the sugar pill. This means, basically, that the happiness and success you experience as a result of using the Law of Attraction might be mind over matter. But in my opinion, happiness and success are still happiness and success no matter how they come about.

It’s also worth noting that the concept of manifestation can be troubling for people with depression and anxiety; it’s difficult to think the universe is always on your side if you’ve experienced bad luck or trauma or if you struggle with mental health on a daily basis.  But we really do always have the power to change our thoughts and to believe we can reach our goals. Even if things feel out of control, we can still manage our thoughts and make them positive. In fact, it’s a concept therapists call Cognitive Reframing. So even if you aren’t spiritual, you can still take from the Law of Attraction its message of empowerment: you can attract good into your life by focusing on good things.

Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?



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