10 Signs You’re an Introverted Extrovert

Not everything in this world is in black and white. When asked if you’re more introverted or more extroverted in nature, it seems like a simple thing to answer. This is far from the truth. Like most things, the debate over introversion vs. extroversion lies on a spectrum. The lines constantly blur, and they are ever-changing.

1. Selectively Social

Breaking the ice shy awkward moments

You want to be around people, but you don’t know how to go about it without being awkward.

2.  Where’s the Invite?

Diverse People Hang Out Pub Friendship

You want to be invited to hang out with friends but have the option to stay home. You don’t like not being invited to stuff and being left out of the loop when the friends are sharing stories the next day. It’s highly disrespectful and frustrating.

3. Feeling Left Out

concerned young woman in coffee shop

You may not like to socialize all the time, but you still want to know what’s going on in your friends’ lives.

4. Time to Go

Concept of passing away, the clock breaks down into pieces

Social events can be fun…within a certain time frame. If you get tired from a social engagement, you would like to be able to leave as soon as possible. This is harder if you don’t have a car of your own or another ride.

5. Hear Me Roar

screaming black woman

You get talked over in conversation when you actually do want to speak. Whenever there is a pause and you say what you have to say, no one responds to it the way you had hoped and start talking about something else. It’s a vicious cycle.

6. Event Misery

Sad women and happy couple in the background

You tend to be more sympathetic toward people who aren’t having that great a time at a gathering, even if you are, so you understand that for whatever reason, the person would rather be somewhere. Therefore, you respect their space, but you know how it feels.

7. Did I Raise My Hand? Didn’t Think So.

Listener raising hand to ask

You hate it when people call on you to participate in things when you don’t want to. Most of the time, you enjoy sitting back and let other people contribute. When you feel comfortable enough to participate, you will, and there are actually times when you do volunteer. It’s just not often.

8. Can I Say Something Funny? No? Ok.

Expression and gesture concept - Handsome man with awkward face

When you want to say something funny, but you don’t know how everyone else will take it, so you spend too much time internally debating whether or not you should say it to the point where the conversation had already moved on.

9. I Mean No Harm

Mixed race man confused shrug shoulders in studio

You want to speak your mind, but you don’t want the conversation to turn confrontational.

10. Not About the Drama

Concept accusation guilty business woman fingers pointing

Never call out an introvert in an argument. Introverts would find it much more respectful if a person pulled them aside and talked to them privately instead of in a crowded room (or an equivalent).

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  1. Those 4 types that are labeled as been introverted extroverts are the best ppl to be… As an INTJ u love how you made it clear…

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