10 signs you’re falling in love (even if you don’t think so)

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When you are starting to like someone you feel butterflies in your belly, notice your checks always have a rosy tint because of how much your crush makes you blush and want to tell them about your feelings for them. But what happens when we are falling in love with something? Is it exactly the same? Is it very different? Or are there some similarities between these two blissful feelings? 

In today’s article, why don’t we take a look at 10 signs you’re falling in love (even if you don’t think so)?

1. You often find yourself thinking about them.

Do you check your phone hoping to find a text message from them the moment you wake up? Are they the last person you think of before you go to bed? Do you think of them every time you look at a meme that you know they’ll love? 

When you are falling in love with someone, you may find it impossible to get them out of your head. 

When you fall in love with someone, your brain releases phenylethylamine, also known as the “love drug.” This hormone facilitates the feeling of being in love with someone. Phenylethylamine is commonly found in some chocolates which may explain why we are so tempted to keep eating them even when we know that excess consumption of chocolate is not good for us. 

2. You’re suddenly open to exploring new things.

Did you just eat sushi for the first time even though 3 years back you swore you would never eat it? Do you watch Marvel movies now even when you know you’ll probably mix up all the superheroes again? Are you starting to bend your own rules just a little bit to let someone else in?

At the beginning of a relationship, everyone wants to impress their significant other, but if you find yourself constantly trying out new things that you would’ve never tried before but are open to now because of your partner; you may have caught the love bug.

3. They’ve made their way to your priority list.

The usual priority list for most people reads family, friends, work, etc. However, if you’re priority list has suddenly added a new individual in the mix, it may be a sign that you’re falling in love with them.

Priority lists help us compartmentalize our life and help us focus on the people and the things that we love. You might be falling in love if you’re reordering, rearranging, and rethinking your life.

4. You suddenly find their quirks extremely attractive.

Crying during commercials? Wearing socks to bed? Sleeping with the lights on? Suddenly all these quirks that initially made you question some of your significant others’ choices are now extremely attractive to you. Slowly but surely you find yourself understanding and appreciating their quirks. 

You begin to find them irresistible in every way. That includes their quirks, peculiar sense of humor, and unusual way of doing things, all of which become attractive.

5. They boost your self-image. 

Have you miraculously started to love the way you look in skinny jeans? Have you started singing throughout your apartment instead of limiting it to your solo shower concertante? Are you no longer worried about what people might say about you? 

People who are falling in love with someone often find that it has helped them fall in love with themselves too. When people fall in love, they typically experience “self-expansion,” which means their sense of self expands as a result of their new relationship.

6. Their traits become your traits.

Did you go from being a denim lover to a cozy girl when they introduced you to the comfortable world of soft t-shirts and sweatpants? Are you now more interested in historical museums and art displays over some of your weekly sporting activities?

As a couple learns to know one another, their individual self-perceptions begin to blend. Individuals experience genuine pleasure in their partner’s accomplishments, regard themselves as more like their partner, and can mistake their partner’s attributes for their own as a result of this self-other overlap. 

7. Your friends are noticing.

Are you always talking about your partner when your friends ask you about how you are doing? Are you slowly starting to bring them around for all the monthly movie nights or parties? Are your friends starting to tease you by their name or commenting on your relationship with them? 

Well, your friends can probably see something that you can’t. Talk to your friends and weigh their thoughts and opinions on your relationship with your significant other. You might be surprised by the lovely things they have to say. 

8. You feel positive about the future.

Are you no longer as worked up about meeting project deadlines or not being able to achieve your 5-year-goals? Love has the ability to elevate us up to where we belong and to put things right. All our worries about the future can be put on hold when we fall in love. 

9. You can’t stop smiling.

Whether it’s rolling on the floor and laughing over a meme they sent to you or simply remembering the last conversation you had with them; these days you just can’t stop smiling. 

When you’re falling in love, you may feel ‘butterflies’ in your stomach, eagerness, and an inability to stop smiling. The increase in dopamine levels causes these physiological effects. A feedback loop can be established by smiling. We smile more when we are happy, and the more we smile, the happier we are.

10. You feel more love for others.

You and your partner may not be the only ones who are feeling the effects of the newfound love. Oxytocin and phenylalanine make us more open and makes us feel more connected to others. We start to leave bigger tips, exchange positive words with strangers, and hold no grudges.


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