10 Subtle Signs A Shy Person Likes You (Even If You Don’t Think So)

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Understanding if someone truly likes you or not is a challenge that a lot of us have faced. Overthinking every gesture, every word, and every reaction that they make and replaying it in your head countless times, telling your best friends about them and still not being able to come to a conclusion. The challenge becomes a yad bit tougher when the person who you assume likes you, is a shy person. Shy people are often misunderstood and can be very hard to read. 

Fear, not Psych2goers, for today’s article we have curated a list of 10 subtle signs a shy person likes you. We hope this puts your mind at ease and answers some of your questions. 

They go silent around you.

A shy person may lack the courage to flirt with you. It’s an indication that they’re into you if they’re significantly more talkative around other people but clam up in your presence. When shy people are around people who they like, they typically overthink what to say or do, so you may end up feeling like you’re always carrying on the discussion.

They get fidgety around you.

When people are nervous, they fidget. They may fidget with their hair, touch their nose and brows repeatedly, or fiddle with their hands and fingers. They may move around a lot or shake their knee up and down while seated. This is a natural reaction that people have when they are nervous, and a shy person will not be cool towards someone they like.

They create opportunities to be around you.

You’ll notice that if a shy person likes you, they seem to be “around” you a lot. A shy person usually sticks to their own group of friends, so they like you when they break out of their shell and approach you. It takes a lot of courage for them to approach you.

They will appear in a convenient location where you enjoy spending your time. If you indicate that you enjoy Zumba on weekends, they will begin to do so as well.

They talk to you online.

Face-to-face communication can be very intimidating. As a result, a shy individual will appreciate being able to speak with you online or over the phone.

They will have complete confidence behind the screen because there would be less pressure to respond correctly and instantly. The good news is that they’re gaining confidence in speaking with you, and they’ll soon be able to have a proper conversation with you in person.

They seem to be imitating you. 

This is known as behavior mirroring. Mirroring is a way by which a person sends an unconscious signal to their crush that she or he likes them. Observe their gestures closely: they will automatically mimic your actions even if they are across the room. If you scratch your palm, they will do the same. If you shift in your seat, they will, too.

They try new things for you.

Shy people have a hard time stepping outside of their comfort zone, especially when it involves social situations. So, if they’re accompanying you to meet your friends, dine at your favorite restaurant, or simply listen to your favorite music, they’re putting in a lot of effort to impress you.

They may struggle now and then, but that’s only because new things intimidate them. Make sure you’re doing the same for them so you can meet halfway.

They struggle to make eye contact with you.

When you’re nervous around someone, what do you do? You glance in every direction except at them. It’s easy to mistake this for apathy, yet it could also indicate that they like you. When they gaze directly at you, their heart does somersaults, so they fidget and turn away. It’s easy to misinterpret their lack of eye contact but just know that they mean well and really adore you.

They like all your social media posts 

‘Likes’ on social media posts are the latest way to express your admiration for someone. For example, you might share a photo of the sunset or a book you’re reading, and they’re the first to like and comment on it. They may not speak to you in person, but they keep indicating their interest in you online.

They surprise you with small gestures.

You mention your love of books, and the next day you discover them reading a copy of one of your favorites. When you tell them about a sport you enjoy, they stay up late to watch it with you. You recommend some new music that they should try listening to and suddenly they have a brand new playlist of songs to listen to. This shows that they are paying attention to every word you say and want you to be pleased.

They notice the smallest of changes 

You get a haircut and no one seems to notice it apart from them. You change up your jewelry and they start talking about it. They are the first to notice that you have changed your nail color. They like you, which is why every minor change you make catches their eye. 


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