10 Surprising Habits Which Make You More Attractive

This article is purely for educational purposes and is not designed to suggest that only these traits that are considered attractive. Everybody is different and will experience attraction differently. 

One of the official definitions of ‘attraction’ according to the Oxford Dictionary is:  ‘a feature, quality, or person that makes something seem interesting and enjoyable, and worth having or doing’. In a romantic relationship, it is easy to assume that attraction is purely based on physical attributes which appeal to us, but if we based attraction on a deeper level, what makes us attractive?

Here are 10 surprising habits which make you more attractive (and you might not even know you are doing these!) 

Being curious about everything. Do you enjoy learning how things work? Do you often ask yourself why people behave the way they do? Do you love reading about what is happening in the world right now? When you have a dozen more things to say, we automatically think you’re a smart and fascinating companion (10 Little Habits That Make You More Attractive (and I’m Not Talking About Looks), 2016).

Making time for yourself. People who are constantly busy doing things they like, usually end up becoming more successful than someone who treats their time as if it were worth nothing. Remember, the most attractive thing about you has less to do with your face and body, but more with your heart, personality and habits.

Having good interpersonal skills and mirroring someone’s behaviour. Direct eye contact, open body language and posture that is inviting and the ability to engage and connect with others, can all increase perceived attractiveness. Furthermore, according to a study done in The Netherlands, mimicking someone’s behaviours can make you seem more attractive. Imitating someone’s movements can actually foster feelings of connectedness, and it’s this interpersonal connection that draws others to you. (9 Bizarre Little Habits That Can Make You More Attractive To Others, n.d.)

Living in the present moment. According to a study of attractiveness in a speed-dating situation, women found men more attractive if they measured higher in mindfulness.

Connecting deeply with people. According to Power of Positivity, we are attracted to people like us, and we also find likeable people attractive. Being likable is easy; all you have to do is be more interested in hearing about the other person than you are in talking about yourself. (PowerofPositivity, 2016)

Adrenaline seeking. Take your date on a rollercoaster. According to a study in the journal Archives of Sexual Behaviour, single people who went for a ride on a rollercoaster rated members of the opposite sex as more attractive. 

Moving your body. It comes as no surprise that physical exercise keeps a body in shape. Both males and females tend to look for healthy partners with whom they hope to raise a family. Balance and stretching will help you to present yourself as an attractive partner.

Saying “Thankyou.” It is a simple, overused saying at times, but still can make a world’s difference to someone’s day. It takes a couple of seconds to think about and appreciate what you are given, even if it’s something small like a hug.

Forgive and learn from mistakes. Intelligence doesn’t mean that you have to have a degree or qualifications; you can demonstrate intelligence to a potential mate by learning from mistakes and handling it well when you make one. Demonstrating self-kindness by forgiving yourself for making a mistake in the first place shows that you are working towards avoiding the same mistakes in the future. Studies that consider desirable traits in a partner show that “psychological traits are important in human mating, with both sexes valuing intelligence and kindness very highly.”

Know your self-worth. One of the hardest things to do in life is to know your worth and there is a difference between ego and self-confidence. Being confident in the fact that you are intrinsically valuable as a human being and more so because of your character, intelligence and kind actions is attractive. Self-love is the best way to build self-confidence and there is nothing wrong with thinking “I would make a great catch for the partner who is worthy of me.” Aim for an attitude of gentle self assurance and not cross the line into arrogance.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this article. If you have any feedback, then please leave a comment in the box below. We love hearing back from our readers and your support means a lot to us at Psych2Go. Watch this space for new articles coming soon!

J 🙂

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