10+ Things People Don’t Realize You’re Doing Because of Depression


Depression takes a toll in people’s lives. It affects all areas such as, work, family, relationship, and health. The thing about depression is that it makes you do things that people don’t understand. It’s frustrating when that happens because it is not your intention to create misunderstandings. Even though society is becoming more aware of mental disorders, there is still a lot of stigma out there and because of that many of us experience unfair treatment. The following is a list of 10+ things people don’t realize you’re doing of depression:

  1. DepressionPeople think you’re seeking attention, when in reality you want someone to understand.
  2. People think you’re rude because you stop socializing and speaking much.
  3. Friends and family feel like you’re cutting them out of your life because you withdraw yourself. They don’t realize this happens because you have no energy to share with them, and you feel unworthy of socializing.
  4. You get accused of not having a sense of humor anymore. It’s not that you can’t laugh or smile, but they don’t comprehend how difficult it is to express yourself.
  5. DepressionFriends and family begin to think you have an eating problem, but don’t understand your eating habits changed because of depression. There is no in between you either eat a lot or too little.
  6. In a relationship your partner may think you’re not attracted to them anymore. They don’t acknowledge that depression can lower sex drive and make you feel empty.
  7. During social gatherings you use your cellphone as an escape. People perceive it as impolite but aren’t aware that it’s your “shield” from forced interactions.
  8. People think you are being overly sensitive for feeling everything deeply.
  9. Family members think the reason you’re so tired is because you are watching Netflix all night long or are on social media. The truth is you’d rather stay up all night distracted than being consumed by destructive thoughts.
  10. DepressionPeople get offended because you snap at them or come off rude. They don’t sympathize with your struggles and see your behavior as childish and immature. The truth is you feel guilty after realizing how you responded.
  11. People think you are an obsessed fan of movies, books, or tv series, when in fact you use it as a means of escape.
  12. People think you let yourself go but keeping up with hygiene and dressing well is a hassle. So instead, you walk around with whatever you found on the floor.
  13. Your friends think you are ignoring them because you cancel at the last minute. When deep down inside you do want to see them but believe its better to be alone.
  14. People think you are being a perfectionist when doing something important, but in all honesty, you want validation from others to feel better.
  15. depressionYou excessively play videos games, and family members don’t like that. They think you’re addicted and that you’re using it as an excuse to not get things done. They don’t notice you’d rather be gaming that withering away with harmful thinking.
  16. Professors believe you’re an irresponsible student for not turning things in on time, and not getting the best grades. They don’t see you’re struggling to even get to class.
  17. People think you’re lazy because you are always sleeping and have zero energy to get chores done.
  18. People think your having a bad day because you forgot to take your pill. When in fact your antidepressant isn’t a magical happy pill that will make your problems go away.

Depression is a lot more common that you think and those with it struggle immensely. It is a mental illness that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can destroy people’s lives. Depression is an unforgiving illness and will not cut you slack. Thankfully, progress has been made and society is starting to become aware of it. What other things you do that people don’t realize it’s because of depression? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I needed number 15.
    so that’s why mybrotehr is always on videogames\

  2. I don’t deal with all of these but I do deal with most of them daily. I wear a mask. If people saw the real me, they’d be really surprised.

  3. I think playing video games can help people feel better because it’s an outlet and gets your mind focused on something more constructive. If it’s in excess like eating toomuch where it starts affecting your life negatively than yeah it’s too much. Video games aren’t the bad guys some make it out to be.

  4. I am #11 and #15. It’s my escape. I hv given up trying to share /explain…it’s too tiring. Besides, when I did try, I just got replies like “it’s just in your head”…”you should snap out of it”…etc. No listening ear or a hug. 😞

    1. If you’d like to you can check out my previous article on how to reach out with depression. Sorry to hear you go through that.

  5. Almost all of these are me, and i just wish people in my life can understand all of this.

  6. Thanks for this article. I can relate myself to a lot of what was written. But, the most annoying #17 and 18. My mother tells me this all the time like if the pill was 100% guarantee that I’ll feel better all the time. And if something wrong…oh..bad pill..or why can you do all home staff, why dont you go there…or there…And then I become angry with relatives and myself and just want to stay alone. Sometimes I literally feel they angry that I have depression and they have to worry about me….

  7. A lot of these things play a role in my life, I went threw a dramatic exspereance and have been trying to recover for 4 years, there have been times where I tried committing suicide but in the the end i ended up just crying all night, the depression went away and I thaught I had escaped it, but something triggered it again, and it triggered harder than it has ever before, I stayed in bed for a week, I barely ait and did not sleep, I just stayed locked in my room, my parents did not even notice I was gone, I had told them about what happend to me, they want to send me to therapy because they know there is something wrong with me… but when I’m not fighting deppresion, I try helping others fight it, the deppresion waves have become longer, so I go a month or 2 without it, then I go a week to a few months of it getting to me. I enjoy helping others, my story is significantly worse than any other story I have heard so far, but I use my story to inspire others to push forward, to all fellow” deppresion club” members, I hope to see you leave this club and live without it, good luck, and be strong

  8. This is so true.
    And most of the times I don’t want to come off as rude so I just put on a mask faking that everything is ok, and it hurts that people are actually buying it, and frankly they were expecting me to do this because they don’t really care about me, they can’t see how hard I am pretending.

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