10 Things To Let Go of in 2020

Every new year brings with it promises of opportunity and exciting change, and 2020 is no different. As a brand new decade begins, we all look forward to writing another chapter in our lives and making it better than the last. The new year is a time of hope, gratitude, and celebration for everything that 2019 has come to mean to us, but it should also be a time for reflection and growth. Is there something you want to change about yourself? Or something you think you should stop doing?

It’s never easy to let go of what we’ve learned to be comfortable with, but the act of letting go and starting over can be an incredibly powerful one. It can positively impact our lives and allow us the freedom to finally pursue the things that emotionally fulfill us, because we are no longer weighed down by the obstacles we create for ourselves.

With that said, here are 10 things you should let go of in the new year:

1. Unrealistic Expectations

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with aiming high and believing in yourself, setting goals that are too unrealistic only set you up for failure and disappointment. The more you pressure yourself to succeed and live up to your perfect ideals, the more frustrated you will feel when things don’t work out. Success isn’t a checklist, and life isn’t a race to see who lands the best job, lives in the nicest house, or has the happiest marriage. Stop thinking that you need to have certain things or be in certain places just for you to feel good about yourself.

2. Emotional Baggage

Letting go of your personal problems is something that’s a lot easier said than done, but you can’t keep holding on to your emotional baggage forever. Leave all your heartbreaks and emotional hang-ups where they belong – in the past – and learn to let go of the resentments you may have been holding on to. It’s okay if you’re still hurting, as long as you allow yourself the freedom to heal, transform, and grow as you greet the new year.

3. Toxic Relationships

This 2020, it’s time for you to say goodbye to draining relationships and one-sided friendships. Don’t surround yourself with fair-weather people or toxic relationships. Know that you deserve to be with people who care for you, understand you, accept you, and connect with you. Create healthy boundaries for yourself and don’t be afraid to leave those who have hurt you too much or mistreated you too many times.

4. Unhealthy Habits

Do you smoke or drink too much? Have you been overeating or sleeping late? Whatever unhealthy habits you may have, you should love yourself enough to stop giving in to them and letting them destroy you (physically, mentally, or emotionally). Why not start exercising, drinking more water, or eating healthier instead? Your mind and body will surely thank you for it as time goes on, even if you might be craving something else right now.

5. Playing it Safe

Celebrating the new year is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things. After all, no one ever achieved anything great by doing the same things over and over again, so why not have a little fun and experiment? Get a change of scenery, adopt a new hobby, and do something you’ve always wanted to do but never had the courage to before. Don’t be afraid to be more authentic, more outspoken, and more vulnerable.

6. Perfectionism

Striving for perfection never did anyone any good, so this 2020, learn to let go of your need to be perfect all the time. Stop asking too much of yourself and work on accepting your flaws and shortcomings more. Learn to forgive yourself for whatever mistakes you make along the way as you push yourself to do better.

7. People Pleasing

We all crave the approval and acceptance of the people who matter to us, but worrying too much about what others think will only bring you misery and frustration. Don’t devote all your time and energy on trying to live up to everyone’s expectations of you, because it’s impossible for you to please everyone. The person whose approval matters the most to you should be your own, so stop trying so hard to make everyone happy at the cost of your own inner peace.

8. Your Pride

With everything that’s happened in your life and where you are now, it’s always important to stay grounded and humble. As you welcome the new year, don’t forget to keep your ego in check and try to let go of your pride a little. Having too much pride can ruin your relationships and blind you of your own faults. It can keep you from learning from your mistakes and make it harder for you to see things from another person’s point of view, so be careful not to let it get the better of you.

9. Your Need for Control

Most of the time, it’s good to have a plan and be prepared for what’s to come, but you shouldn’t underestimate how unpredictable life can get. Sometimes you just need to learn to roll with the punches and make the best with what you have. Let go of the unhealthy need to be in control all the time, because it will only lead to anxiety and unnecessary rigidity. Trust that everything will work itself out in the end and enjoy the ride for as long as you can.

10. Your Fear of Failure

Finally, but perhaps most importantly, we should all let go of our fear of failure this 2020. Stop squandering your potential and turning down opportunities just because you’re afraid. A lot of people don’t want to try their best or give something their all because they think it will hurt too much when it doesn’t pan out in the end, but you owe it to yourself to try. Don’t settle for a life of always watching from the sidelines, wondering “what if” – go after the things you want. You might surprise yourself in the end.

In the end, your life is what you make of it, so make the most out of every moment you have. Let go of the things that no longer serve you and make room in your life for better things to come. Start living your best life today and make 2020 the year you become the best version of yourself.


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