10 Unusual Signs That You Have Fallen in Love

10 unusual signs you are falling in love

The truth is no one has an established way of knowing the real definition of love. After all, we are talking about something that comes in the most unpredictable ways.

Something that makes us feel and do things we usually would not under normal circumstances. Love can feel strange, scary and wild at first. It is uncontrollable and happens when one least expects it. In fact, scientists have shown that love affects the brain the same way to cocaine addiction.

The question is, how would you know that they are actually falling in love? Below are 10 unusual signs you have fallen in love.

falling in love


  • You can’t get them out of your head


You are always thinking about them. You can’t just get them off your mind. If you love someone, it is natural to feel like you cannot stop thinking about them. This is caused by hormone oxytocin in your body which causes the feeling of desire for your partner when released 


  • You open up around them


Another sign that you are falling in love is that when you are with your partner you are an open book. You will note this especially if you are not the expressive type. If you find yourself telling him or her your hobbies, what makes you laugh or cry, then you should know that you are actually falling for him/her.


  • Their voice brings a smile


Every time you remember what this person told you or said, you find yourself smiling.  His/her voice brings a smile on your face and you are constantly waiting for the person to contact you so that you can listen to their compelling voice.


  • You recall the tiniest details about them


sharing romantic memories

Is it weird that most people remember what their date said when they first met? Don’t you think it is weird that you know his or her best coffee? When you are falling in love, the blood flow increases to the pleasure center of your brain and it lights up the obsessive-compulsive behavior. Hence the reason you tend to remember even the smallest details about your partner.


  • You want them to be happy


Love is said to be an equal partnership but when falling in love you will realize that their happiness becomes more essential to you. One of the biggest signs of a healthy relationship is compassionate love, which means that your partner’s happiness is more important and you are willing to go all the way out to make them happy.


  • Always talking about them


You become that girl who constantly talks about his man or vice versa. Even if you try so hard to avoid that topic, you cannot help yourself. This is a sign that you are falling in love with the person.


  • Can’t get enough of his messages


You find yourself re-reading his or her messages over and over again.  You love reading through the texts because it feels like reading a romance novel. If you are wondering why you are doing so, science shows that when people look at pictures of loved ones, the release of dopamine levels in the brain increases.


  • You notice things that excite him or her


While you are out, you might notice something or see something that will excite your partner. Later at night, you’ll find yourself spilling out what you saw. This indicates that you care about your partner’s feelings more than yours by noticing what they would have appreciated first.


  • Share simple things like food


sharing food

If you really get to know a person, chances are you’ll share with them most of the things and foods you consume. Sharing food brings your romanticism to a whole new level. According to Paul Rozin’s study, there are 4 levels of sharing food with your partner that indicate the stage and nature of any couple’s romantic relationship. These 4 stages are:

  1. no sharing
  2. voluntarily sharing
  3. sharing with consubstantiation – when you eat food your partner has already touched
  4. feeding

When you are truly in love sharing comes to you naturally so if you are willing to share your delicious cannabis brownie with your woman/man, you are definitely in love


  • They are your first choice


When falling in love, you think of doing everything together. For example, you just won two tickets to a movie, your partner will be the first choice in your head. You don’t even know why all you know is that it will be more fun when he or she is around. 

Final Thoughts

It is okay to start falling in love. Actually, you have no other option but to open your heart and let love flow in. Every love story is different as is the way men and women react to falling in love. When one is falling in love, it may seem different from the other times you have fallen in love. Love is a beautiful, wonderful and scare experience all you have to do is enjoy it!

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