11 Ways to be Less Negative


We all love to be surrounded by people who always have something fun or interesting to say. However, not all people are like this. Many are pretty negative. No matter if this is a trait of our personality or if we’re going through tough times, negativity causes a great deal of stress on us, followed by many more unpleasant feelings. Here are some ways to help you be more positive.

  1. Leave the Past Behind
    Of course your part is an important part of yourself. After all, it got you this far! Dwelling on it, however, won’t help you grow as a person and can’t determine your future. It’ll keep you locked in a perpetual cycle of repetition and unhappiness.
  2. Stop Judging Others
    To you, all the gossiping and comments may sound harmless, but they actually make others around feel uncomfortable and wondering if you talk like this about them behind their backs. You have to realise that others are NOT your competition. Stop comparing yourself to others.
  3. Know When to Receive and Give a Compliment
    This step is connected to the previous one. Instead of turning down a compliment say ‘’thank you’’. Never use ‘’but’’ when giving a compliment. Saying a good word about someone else, won’t only make their day, but yours as well. You just made someone feel good and enough! That’s more than great!

    How to be less negative
    Art by: The Red Fairy Project
  4. Look for the Solution to the Problem
    Remember all that babbling you did about that problem? Did pointing out the problem help solve it? I’m guessing not. Instead of investing your time on details that won’t get you anywhere, focus on how to actually solve whatever’s bothering you!
  5. Be More broad-minded
    Try to be more open to new or different ideas, motivate yourself, be more willing to try new things, give a chance to new people and things! And as it’s being said, never judge a book by its cover. What may seem as something you should reject, might in fact be the best thing you’ve ever done so far!
  6. Make Plans
    What do you mean you don’t have any? Make some! Stop worrying about the future and what might go wrong. Think of what might work out, find what you’re excited about and make it happen! You can change every little thing you don’t like about your current lifestyle. So go ahead and do it!
  7. Be More Helpful
    Why tell people what to do and being seen as mean? Ever considered not bossing others? Even if you do it unwillingly, it makes others feel inadequate. Ask them what the problem is, listen to them and try to help them out as much as you can.
  8. Be More Optimistic
    Have a more positive outlook on life. Think of the possible reasons that have made you feel pessimistic and change that. Envisage a happy result in what you do.
  9. Limit Your Exposure to Bad News
    Research has shown that exposure to violence, death and tragedy largely contributes to depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder (P.T.S.D.). You can read the news, of course, if you want to, but try not to spend too much time doing that.
  10. Quit Complaining
    If you’re upset about something, look for ways to get it over with and nah – uh, complaining about it won’t do the job. Don’t waste your time on things that have already been said and done.

    Art by: Camarilla Complex
  11. Lear to Accept Criticism About Yourself
    This is a tough one, but you should do it. Ask yourselves, why you’re receiving these comments. Are they true? If they are, try and change the negative aspects of your personality. Improve yourself. Be a better you.








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And remember that negativity won’t get you far.  It’s bad for your mood and overall health, as tension and anxiety trigger hormone production. So, why not be a little less negative?

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