14 Questions to ask your crush

Getting to talk to your crush is an excited and nerve-wracking feeling. Maybe your mind goes blank while talking to them. And you don’t know what to ask them? Or what exactly to say that would break the ice so, that the conversation they have with you is something they will remember.

To help you with that here are 14 questions you can ask your crush:


1. What is the one thing that you want 4 years from now?

This will give you an insight about what kind of person they are. Are they someone who thinks a lot about the future? Or someone who likes to live in the present ? Or someone who likes to do both?


2. What is your favourite place to be?

A favourite place of a person tells you where they go when they feel stressed out or disconnected. It provides them a getaway from their reality and to just relax. It can also be a place that is related to their childhood.


3. Which is the one place you want to travel to?

Discussing with your crush their must-have-to-go travel destination can be great conversation. You can get to know if they are someone who likes to travel. And if by some chance you have the same travel destinations then both of you can discuss why you like this place and which places you want to see there.


4. Do you have any funny memories from your childhood?

We all have some funny childhood stories that shows- how awkward or naive we were once. Maybe listening to their stories you will also get to know that your crush loves to prank or maybe they were just an innocent kid;)


5. What are your friends like?

We often make friends with people with whom we share some similar characteristics with. And your crush’s friends will be an amalgamation of them. If their friends like adventure sports then there is a high chance that your crush enjoys that too.


6. Do you like to go out on weekends?

 You can know what kind of person they are by asking them about their weekends plans. Are they someone who likes to party? Or someone who likes to get together with friends or family after a busy week? Or someone who likes to spend their time alone relaxing?


7. What is your family like?

If they are someone closed off then maybe they would answer it in a very short way. This will also tell you what kind of relationship they have with their family. If they don’t want to talk much about them then maybe they don’t have good relations with them and it would be better not to pester them about the details.


8. Are you close with your parents or siblings?

This question again tells you what kind of relationship they have with their parents and siblings. If they talk very fondly about them then it shows you that they are definitely close with them. 


9. Is there anything that scares you?

What scares people the most tells a lot about them too. Like people who are scared by darkness may not be scared of darkness itself but the fear of the unknown. Or people who don’t like public speaking are usually afraid of embarrassing themselves.


10. What do you do when you feel bored?

Instead of asking them- ‘What are your hobbies?’ you can ask them,’ What do they do when they feel bored?’ This will not only tell you about their hobbies but also how they spend their time.


11. What is one thing you don’t like?

Knowing their dislikes is just as important as knowing their likes. You could talk about why they dislike something? And what made them dislike it?

12. Who is your favourite character?

Our favourite characters are usually the ones we relate to on a personal level or someone we feel close affinity with. They are somehow the mirror of our deepest desires or fears. Or these characters may reflect the qualities that we look up to. Asking your crush about their favourite character tells you what kind of person they are.


13. What do you like more – reading books or watching movies?

It is a question that tells you are they an enthusiastic or a casual reader and movie watcher. If both of you like to read books then you can share your favourite books with each other. And this way you can maintain contact with each other.

14. Name your top 5 TV shows.

There is a chance that in their list of their top 5 shows there is a show that both of you have watched. You can both bond and geek out over this show. Discuss strange theories, or the characters, the plot, which season is better? or how the writers messed up the show!

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