14 Things to Stop Feeling Guilty For

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We’re already under a lot of stress, in terms of work, school or just daily hassles. So, let’s not add to them by penalizing ourselves and making ourselves feel guilty about the little things in life.
With that in mind, here are 14 things you shouldn’t feel guilty about, EVER.

1. Saying “no.”

It’s difficult to say “no” to people, especially if you don’t want to disappoint others. But there are instances when you simply have to do it. You have to draw the line somewhere, whether it’s saying no to your weekend plans or saying “no” to things you simply don’t want to do.

2. Not pleasing those you care for.

You can’t please everyone, whether it’s your family, friends, or colleagues.
Keep in mind that you are your person, and your attitudes and perspectives on life should not be influenced by those of others.

3. Your food choices.

Certain foods are often referred to as “guilty pleasures.”
However, as long as you are eating things in moderation and aren’t compromising your physical or mental health, feelings of guilt should not dictate what you do or do not eat.

4. Your personal life choices.

You don’t have to feel awful about anything you decide to do, whether it’s decisions regarding relationships, jobs, your place of residence, etc.
You should not feel obligated to live a specific way.

5. Your imperfections.

So what if you don’t sing the best or aren’t the most athletic?
They’re what distinguishes you as a person! You are not required to apologize for your differences from others.

6. Spending your money.

You shouldn’t go overboard and spend all your money, but beating yourself up over every dollar you spend is unhealthy.
In the end, it won’t matter as long as you haven’t spent an excessive amount on something frivolous.
What matters most is that you’re pleased with what you bought and why you bought it.

7. Accepting compliments.

Whether someone calls you beautiful, intelligent, or talented, you are allowed to accept the compliment and not feel guilty about it. You deserve to hear every nice thing that is said about you.

8. Distancing yourself from a toxic person.

It takes a lot of strength and courage to identify and accept someone as a toxic person.
Distancing yourself from a toxic person is already hard enough, don’t feel guilty about putting yourself first. You deserve to put yourself and your needs first.

9. Standing up for yourself.

No person or situation should ever have the power to come in the way of you and your needs, goals, etc. Stand up for yourself because you deserve to back yourself every time you wish to.

10. Having a hobby that other people don’t.

Whether it’s pottery, reading, arts and crafts, drama, or something else. Your hobby is yours and no one has the right to make you feel guilty about liking something else.
Your choices make you unique. Be proud of them and own them.

11. Not sticking to your new year’s resolutions.

Ah, the new year’s resolutions. How many of us end up following through?
It’s alright if you didn’t stick to your resolutions or decided to tweak them to your preference. You are allowed to live your life the way you wish to.
The past version of yourself didn’t know how this new version of you would be. But at present, you know the newest version of you.
So, alter your resolutions, strike some off your list and make new ones when the time feels right.
The new year just presents an opportunity to start afresh but so does a new day, week and month.

12. Taking a sick day or mental health day.

We all need a break from time to time. Whether it’s a sick day, mental health day, or just an ‘I want to sleep in my bed and watch movies all day’ type of day. You deserve to take a break.

13. Making different ranges of money than your friends.

Your friends might be working in a different company, career field, or a completely different country. Your salaries aren’t a testament to who’s work is better or anything else. Your money is your hard-earned money, don’t let that be a scale to measure someone else’s success or failures.

14. Doing what you know is right for you, even when everyone else around you tells you not to.

No one knows you the way you do. No one will ever know you the way you do.
So why should you give them the power to make decisions that have an impact on your own personal, professional or social life?
Make your own decisions, make mistakes, get back up, make sure you never make those again, and keep moving forward, don’t stop believing in yourself.


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