3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Please Your Narcissistic Mother

Narcissistic mothers are commonly known for the urge to control their children’s life while using excuses like “it’s for their own good” or “I just want them to succeed”. They are extremely thin skinned and whatever we say to them can and probably will be used against ourselves later on.

They make us feel like everything is our fault and in order to have their love and appreciation we have to do exactly what they want. In case we don’t achieve it, it’s all our fault and we’re not love deserving!

Get to know now 3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Please Your Narcissistic Mother


1: We Are Not In Owe To Them

Oftentimes narcissistic mothers make us feel like we owe everything to them and because of that we should do as they want just to show the appreciation they think they deserve. This is abusive and even we try we never reach their expectations simply because they are unrealistic…

Occasionally they will sound like we are a burden to them and the fact that they are still baring us should be the reason why we should do as they please. But don’t deceive yourself, they won’t be that clear!

While trying to manipulate us they will put their hard work to raise their children above anything and let us know how much they sacrificed their life for us and merely because of that, we owe them our right to choose and live our life as we want.

2: Enough Is Never Enough

Trying to please a narcissistic mother can be quite frustrating and demanding because it doesn’t matter how hard we try it will never be enough to them. We’ll always feel like it wasn’t good or be rushed to do better the next time.

3: It Gives Them Power

Showing that we care about their satisfaction gives them an extra amount of power over it, in their toxic mind they already think they have the right to demand in their children’s life like we were extensions or a property of them. So when we act accordingly to their will, it gives them the power to require even more from us!


Dealing with that kind of parent isn’t easy and we shouldn’t keep it to ourselves, don’t be afraid to open up to a friend, counselor or a trust worthy relative.


Take Care!

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