3 Secrets to a good nights sleep


Research and surveys have proved that two-thirds of the world population is sleep deprived. The recommended eight hours of sleep has become a myth in most of the developed countries. Saying this that one does not need so much of sleep or we have trained our brains for lesser sleep time is wrong in all ways

Sleeping less than six hours and making it a routine hampers your immune system, develops Alzheimer’s, disturbs blood sugar levels, cardiovascular diseases, depression, anxiety, etc.

Need for Sleep

Every animal on this planet which has a life span more than a day needs sleep and does perform this activity. So what is so important about sleep. Let us understand:

  • Sleep is vital for skill development as well as making new memories
  • Sleep is believed to be an inbuilt therapy for all the emotional outburst
  • The body acts as a cleaning crew while you are asleep. All the toxins in the body are converted into waste by-products when you are asleep
  • The body needs sleep for rejuvenating and restore, build muscles, synthesize hormones and repair tissues
  • Sleep deprivation also leads to early aging symptoms like white hair, wrinkles and dark circles in the body

Secrets to a good night sleep

Consuming sleeping tablets can never be an option for good night sleep. Having an appropriate routine and following some of the healthy habits always give you a good nightly slumber which keeps you fresh and active both mentally and physically.

One can follow the following tips to have a good night sleep:

  1. Consistent sleep schedule

This implies make it a habit to sleep and get up at the same time every day. Let this be a routine on all normal days to sleep at the same time and get up at the same time. This improves the body clock and there is a tik tik as soon as you reach to your sleeping time. A pre-sleep routine like a bedtime story assist in getting a sound sleep

  1. Lights in the bedroom

The slightest light in your room affects the release of nighttime melatonin in your body. And gradually this leads to insomnia. Blue light has the highest effect on your body. Therefore screen time is not at all recommended during your sleeping time.

The sleep hormone takes time to secret in the body. Therefore it is recommended that you darken your bedroom way before you are ready to sleep

  1. Be cool

Another sleep hormone nocturnal triggers with a cool temperature. Therefore you are prone to sleep more in winters than in summers. The reason being coldness in the weather. Therefore it is advisable to keep the temperature of your bedroom to a comfortable cool temperature.

Also one can have a hot bath just before sleeping. This relaxes your nerves and dilates blood vessels eventually the extra core warmth in the body is emitted outside.


Thus following a consistent ritual for sleeping gives you sound sleep which makes you beautiful inside out. If all this does not help you definitely need to check out with your therapist and they may also recommend sleeping pills in worse conditions.


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