4 Signs An Introvert Doesn’t Like Someone

Interacting with introverts can be tricky. Introverts aren’t outspoken by nature, so it can be hard to tell where you stand with them. There are moments, however, when anyone can tell whether or not an introvert dislikes someone. The signs are subtle at best, but they’re there. Pay close attention.

    1. Breaking the Fourth Wall

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You know in shows like The Office, when one character says or does something that the other characters don’t like and those characters turn to face the camera with a funny expression? Yeah, that’s a thing. Instead, introverts look around the room to see if anyone else is bothered by the annoying person.


    2. Low Battery

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People introverts don’t like drains their energy faster than usual, and they sometimes go out of their way to avoid them—even more so than usual. Being drained of energy is frustrating enough on a regular basis. Annoying people makes it worse.


    3. Having to Share Our Friends

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Introverts don’t like it when the annoying person wants to hang out with their friends. It’s not often they want to socialize, so adding in the annoying person is especially frustrating.

    4. More than A Feeling

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Other people might be able to sense that an introvert doesn’t like someone if they look more tense than usual. Around people introverts like, they have a more calm, cool, collected vibe. If you’re close friends with an introvert, you can easily pick up on this.

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