4 Ways Gaming is Good for Mental Health

Video games throughout history have received fairly negative criticism from media and politicians as part of moral panics, and intent to pass restrictive legislatures on game sales.

Throughout the years, video games have been accused of deleterious effects on your emotions and mental health, creating violence and aggression, as well as psychologically addictive. They’ve even been blamed for childhood obesity.

What the media rarely talks about, is the way that gaming may really be useful for individuals’ psychological well-being, and there are studies to back it up.

3D Video Games Could Increase Memory

Many studies have been done on how video games impact memory. Typically I would link to one for reference, but you can just literally Google “video games improve memory” and see all the results for yourself.

To an outsider perspective, it may seem that a player is mindlessly pressing buttons to jump across platforms and kill enemies, but that’s a crude reduction of what’s happening. The gamer needs to memorize button mappings, complex button sequences, timing of actions, and more.

As an example, we can relate it to playing online casino games, like poker or some of the 3D slots on Casumo, which aren’t your grandma’s pull-the-lever-win-a-prize slots, but can feature progressive non-linear gameplay very similar to video games. In a game like poker, it’s very useful to memorize past hands and other players’ betting styles, so you can determine whether they’re bluffing, being aggressive, etc.

The Journal of Neuroscience in 2015 conducted a study in which 33% of members played Super Mario 3D World for about fourteen days, 33% played Angry Birds, and 33% played nothing at all.

The members who played Mario showed improved performance on follow-up memory errands, while the others indicated no improvement pre-and post-gaming. Thus it was concluded that video gamers who explicitly favor complex 3D computer games performed better.

So these are only a couple of the potential mental health benefits of gaming, and with the progressing improvement of VR gaming, many fields are actually training future workers in virtual reality environments. In fact, many are pointing at virtual reality as the future of surgeon training.

Gaming May Increase Cognitive Skills

When you play any sorts of games, like video games, board games, poker, or online bingo games, you have to think and work out your gaming plan. Your psychological dexterity and critical thinking abilities are developed due to this level of concentration, as you are compelled to think about your next move and improve your odds of winning.

In addition to that, playing shooter video games improved a player’s ability to consider objects in three dimensions. 

You’ll likewise improve your expertise and reaction times from playing video games and different games that require a quick reaction. Like in Bingo, when you have to listen for the Bingo caller and then quickly mark the numbers off on your card, ready for the next call. You need to be mentally alert so you know when the game is in your favour.

Healthy Benefits of Socializing

Gaming can likewise improve other areas of mental health apart from cognitive benefits. Online gaming can be a profoundly social activity, and social collaboration has appeared to improve confidence and emotional satisfaction. 

Players can interact with different gamers in chat boxes, team up in various gaming missions, which causes a great impact on socializing like in online casino and bingo games. It is thus very useful in fighting social isolation.

People playing video games can feel near to other gamers, as they share a significant intrigue and often have the same drives. They additionally talk about things other than the games that can make profound friendships and even lead to real-life gatherings.

MMORPG games likewise offer a spot where collaboration, support, and fun can be experienced.

Playing video games may also support kids’ learning, wellbeing, and social abilities, as indicated by a survey on the positive outcomes of video gameplay by the American Psychological Association in 2013.

Playing videogames assist youngsters in creating critical thinking abilities. The more young people reported on playing strategic video games, like role-playing games, the better is their critical thinking abilities.

Attention Span and Strategy

Games can have a compelling advantage with regard to improving a player’s ability to focus. By playing around, you build up the capacity to see loads of little subtleties at once and figure out how to battle cautiously.

The players can also realize when to act and when to stand by, so as to amplify the accomplishment of their associations with the game. Like, when playing blackjack, a player needs to think about when to take another card and when to stay with their present card.

Similarly, in other video games, the player needs to think about their next move and consider the long term advantages over short ones. This is a helpful methodology for entrepreneurs who want to build an enduring organization.

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