5 Common Causes of Anxiety

Nowadays, many or us all feel anxiety in our daily routine. Typically, there isn’t a serious pathological problem, but the bad mood comes from our lifestyle. In this article, we will discuss a few common causes of anxiety which are enforced by the 21th century. At first, we need to explain what exactly anxiety is. According to the American Psychological Association (APA) anxiety is “an emotion characterized by feelings of tension, worried thoughts and physical changes like increased blood pressure.”

Why are we anxious?

Obligations loading…

How many obligations can we afford? We are always busy, we finish our work and then we work at home. We hang out, and we discuss about work. Work is everything, and we have transformed to well-programmized robots which can work anytime and anywhere.

The curse of “YES”.

How many times we don’t want to do something, but we did it? Our lifestyle and social rules limit us and cause anxiety. For example, you return from a hard day at work, and a friend proposes you a night drink. You want to stay at home and take a nap, but you accept and go out, because you don’t want to refuse. In many cases, we prefer to displease ourselves just to seem nice and socialized.

No leisure time.

How many hours per day spend for us? The answer is disappointed. There are days that we did nothing to feel good. Happiness hides in little things, but our daily routine keeps us away even from those things. Listen a favorite song, cook something special, walk in nature, exercise.

An uncertain future.

Another factor that causes anxiety is our future life and worrying about it. For example, we usually analyze each situation, and we end up thinking if we will have a dreamed job, if we will have enough money, if we will be able to offer the best to our family and ourselves. Of course, all these thoughts bomb us and we feel anxious and insecure.

Unexpressed feelings.

Often we have problems in personal relationships. Problems with our family, friends or our partner. Nevertheless, it’s not the situation that hurts us, but our unexpressed feelings. We prefer to remain silent and that really causes anxiety. Talking and expressing our feelings are the solutions we need.

Lastly, we need to understand that anxiety is a common situation which is enforced by lifestyle. Understand why we feel anxiety to face it. If we need help, there are specific scientists, such as psychologists who can help us live a better life.


If you want to understand better, how a person with anxiety feels like, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCgm1xQa06c




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