5 Common Lies We Tend to Tell

The 5 Common Lies We Use

Due to human nature, we find ourselves telling lies to other people and sometimes even to ourselves. These lies are told based on the different circumstances of our lives and these situations often end up as the main reasons as to why we lie. In this article, I will be discussing the 5 common lies that we usually tend to use.

1. Having Insufficient Time

Whether it is attending a party, hitting the gym or working on personal goals, this lie is often told as an excuse to avoid participation. It is also a common lie we tell ourselves as a form of our own laziness and procrastination to put off our goals or the things we need to do. People who do not know us well, usually do not question further about the reasons to why we say we do not have enough time, hence the effectiveness of this lie. However, friends or family that truly know or understand our lifestyle routines know the truth if we really do have the time or not.

2. “I am on my way!”

One of the most classic lies we tell people that we are meeting. The people telling this lie tend to be the ones nearer to the meeting location due to a bit of complacency, but it may not always be the case. Telling someone that you are on the way when you have yet to leave the house, makes the person that you are meeting have a little more tolerance towards you who is most potentially already late.

3. The Reason for Being Late

Another common lie we often tell and hear from people. We often lie about the reason for being late because sometimes we need an excuse or to shift the blame for being late. This lie is also used because as people, we want to leave or maintain a good impression and be perceived as punctual people. Thus, sometimes it is easier for us to lie about why we are late, rather than to be honest about it.

4. “My Phone is Faulty”

Trying to avoid phone calls or text messages from people we want to avoid? Then this lie is just for you. This lie can also come in the form of “My Phone Died”, to give an excuse to justify why calls or text messages have not been responded to. As effective as an excuse it can be, overusing this one is not recommended.

5. “I’m Doing Fine”

We usually find ourselves saying this when we are asked about our well-being. Although at times when we may not actually be feeling fine or doing alright, we use this as sort of a white lie. Sometimes, it is with the intention of not wanting friends or family to worry, or towards acquaintances whom are more distant to us, we may prefer not to be overbearing at the start of a conversation. From another perspective, it could also be used if you wish to be private.

Based on the list above, how many of these lies have you told before, or have heard before? It is important to know that lying is often not the solution to problems. It is better to be honest about matters rather than to lie. However, white lies might be an exception but it is usually situational. As time goes by, people are also usually able to see that they are being lied to, which is why it is better to have honest communication. As the saying goes, honesty is often the best policy.



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