5 Great Ways To Treat Anxiety and Stress

Feeling worried or anxious at times is an entirely human emotion and reaction. Life can sometimes be challenging, and changes in circumstances often play a role. 

Besides, the pace we’re operating at seems to increase continually. A recent report found that 32% of American adults indicated they experienced more tension during 2019 than the year before. 

This article looks at the five top ways to treat anxiety and stress. We’ll focus on natural ways to do it yourself before you seek medical advice.

The ‘Good’ Side of Anxiety 

While it’s often labeled as bad, anxiety can benefit you in keeping you focused and alert. However, when you’re feeling out of control regularly or for extended periods, you’ll need to address it. 

Like with many other challenges, the first step is acknowledging the feeling or emotion. Please don’t ignore it; recognize it and act before it becomes overwhelming. Here are a few options you can try.

Mindfulness and Meditation 

Being in the moment and practicing mindfulness helps calm your mind. Try meditating for a few minutes in the morning and evening to help you unwind. 

It’ll most likely be difficult at first, so start slow, be patient with yourself, and build it up over time. If you’re too stressed to meditate, take a few deliberate deep and slow breaths to help bring your heart rate and blood pressure down. 

Get Active 

Regular exercise is good for your overall well-being. It can also help reduce anxiety. Besides taking your mind off your worries, it also serves as a boost of feel-good endorphins.

Getting or staying in shape further helps build your confidence, which is a tremendous anti-stress ‘defense’ mechanism. Going out and getting active can help you stay motivated and return with a sense of accomplishment.

Quality Sleep

Much like exercise, quality sleep is essential for your overall health and wellness. Unfortunately, anxiety and stress make it difficult to relax and get enough rest. 

Try to follow a routine where you go to bed and wake up at the same time every day. Limit your screen time in the evenings and set yourself a ‘no-device’ reminder so you can start settling down before you go to bed.

It’ll also help if you keep a journal and write down your feelings before you sleep. If you’re worried about forgetting important things, write a to-do list so you’re not tossing and turning agonizing over tomorrow’s issues.

Watch What You Eat and Drink

Many people tend to indulge their fears and worries with emotional eating. Watch what you eat and drink when you’re anxious.

A sugar-loaded treat or too much comfort food may bring temporary relief, but it’s not good for your health in the long run. Drinking a glass of wine or spirits may also give you an escape, as alcohol is a natural form of sedative. Be careful not to rely on it to bring you relief as it may lead to dependency or abuse.

Alternative Options

If you’ve tried all the natural remedies, you may need to look at alternatives. You can experiment with small doses of marijuana or CBD oil to feel less anxious, but only if it’s legal in your state.

The team at Atomic Blaze reminds us to start discreetly and not be too judgemental. It’s also advisable to seek advice from specialists on the medical and recreational use of cannabis before you try it.

If you want more mainstream treatment, you may want to consider aromatherapy to help you sleep or relax. Lavender, bergamot, or clary sage may bring you some relief. 

Final Thoughts 

Life happens, and how you deal with stress and anxiety is personal and requires an individual approach. There are several ‘self-help’ options, and it’s often best to start by acknowledging the emotion.

Try some exercise, getting quality sleep, and watch what you eat and drink when you feel overwhelmed. You can try alternative options like cannabis if it’s legal in your area or aromatherapy to help you relax.

Meditation and mindfulness also go a long way in calming a troubled mind. However, if these feelings persist, it’s vital to seek professional guidance.

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