5 Signs You Have a Healthy Mindset

If you think back, you’ve probably met someone who appears to always be in a good mood.  Maybe such a person is bright and bubbly in the mornings when everyone is still half asleep.  Or they’re always cheering up other people with their positive attitude. Maybe they even navigate life’s challenges with what seems like expert abilities.  If this is the case, chances are the source of that bright positivity is a healthy mindset.

Everyone has a mindset that influences the way they see the world around them.  People with different mindsets “think differently and also react to information differently” (Skills You Need).  It’s is an important concept to understand because it impacts large portions of our lives. It shows there are ways to think about the world and about ourselves that lead to happiness and success more consistently than their alternatives.

Here are a few specific types of healthy mindsets that we should strive to have:

1. Growth mindset

When searching for information about healthy mindsets, you’ll likely come across something called the “growth mindset” and it’s opposite, the “fixed mindset,” first.  The main difference between the two is in the way intelligence and abilities are viewed (Skills You Need). People whose mindsets fall into the growth category believe anyone can be good at anything.  They believe people can accomplish anything and that our abilities are due to factors we can control, such as practice and hard work. Our flaws don’t matter as long as we try, because it’s that process of trying that matters.  As a result, it paves the way for creativity, a love of learning, confidence, and resilience. Having a growth mindset opens up a whole world of opportunities because it basically says “we can do anything.”  

2. Positive mindset

Suggesting that someone should have a “positive mindset” seems pretty basic, but it has to be said for a variety of reasons.  Namely because the process of trying to have one has such profound effects on quality of life. I use the law of attraction as an example as an aid to a positive mindset.  The idea is that what we think about is attracted into our lives. This mindset involves mental conditioning, which uses positive statements and affirmations to help people notice the good so more of that comes to us.  (Master The Secret Law Of Attraction) Basically, we can get good things by thinking good thoughts. Mindsets affect how we view the world, so looking on the positive side of things, although incredibly difficult at times, can really help us see the good in life and live more happily.

3. Mindful mindset

Mindfulness is a commonly used buzzword for good reason.  It is a technique as well as a lifestyle that involves radically accepting what is happening in our lives without judging the circumstances.  In other words, “it is what it is and if it can’t be changed I’m not going to panic about it.”  This also extends to our thoughts and feelings; we pay attention to them, but don’t necessarily label them as good or bad.  Instead, we liken them to clouds floating by. They’re just there. To practice mindfulness, people inhale and exhale slowly and purposefully.  They might do yoga or meditate daily.  They try to clear their minds and be still. The benefit of this mindset is the ability to move through life with more ease.  People with a mindful mindset tend to be calm and centered. They live in the present (they focus on one thing at a time without anticipating the future or reliving the past, both of which can cause anxiety). They focus on good things. By striving for this mindset, we set ourselves up for more happiness.

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4. Self-awareness mindset

To be self-aware, we must have a conscious knowledge of our feelings, character, motives, and desires.  So, when our mindset is one of self-awareness, we’re in tune with our feelings. We’re honest about them and don’t repress them.  Self-awareness involves being able to “monitor our inner worlds” and judge ourselves accurately, and with that, recognize our strengths and abilities.  Basically, self-awareness is knowing who we are and how we act, and the reasoning behind both of those things. (Psychology Today) This mindset helps us control ourselves and ultimately leads to personal growth.  It also opens the doors to a greater sense of empowerment and the chance to experience life to its fullest.

5. Gratitude mindset

Despite all of our struggles and difficulties, when we really think about it, there’s so much to appreciate.  Food, clothes, family friends…these are things we should not forget. The more gratitude we practice, the more humble we stay and the easier it is to be happy.  It’s also another way to change our lives because our thoughts are our reality. It’s similar to the law of attraction’s positive mindset in that being grateful brings us more to be grateful for.

After you’ve decided to improve your mindset and adopt some of the above, the next step is to change your habits in order to change the processes that take place in your brain.  You’ll soon discover that your self-esteem, motivation, and goal-reaching abilities have all improved (Entrepeneur.com)



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