5 Interesting Findings About Interracial Relationships

“Race is a social construct; race isn’t real,” shares 28 year old  Jonathan Brent, the son of a White father and a Japanese-American mother. Formerly organizing multiracial groups in California, he is now a lawyer and explains that sometimes he identifies with his White background, Japanese background or a combination of both.

Brent is one of the million of individuals who highly support interracial dating, simply because he’s a happy by product of a mixed ethnic marriage. Do you embrace the same mentality? Or are disciplined to traditional values? Share with us!

Here are 5 interesting scientific findings about interracial dating:


1) The majority of interracial romantic relationships are amongst college students. African American college students tended to disapprove of interracial dating more so than White college students. This mentality existed because many African American parents highly disapproved of Black/White marital and dating relationships (read more).


2) The structual theory states that the increase in interracial dating/marriages is due to the segregation in society. Oppositely, motivation theory suggests that romantic interracial relationships occur because of how certain people fantasize about the cultural differences with other ethnic groups. This curiosity tends to have a high sexual motivation.

asian men

3) The image of Asian Americans has continuously been evident and consistent: well-educated, hard working and law-abiding. Despite them being coined as a “model minority”, Asian American men have low interracial marriage rates because their strict traditional values appear less appealing to women than a man who is open minded, spontaneous and masculine. 18% of Asian wives have White husbands, while only 7% of Asian men.


4) According to a 2005 study done at Columbia University by Aaron Gullickson, African Americans with college degrees are 35% more likely to enter into interracial marriages than blacks with less education, and lower-class blacks showed “strong isolation from the interracial marriage market”.


5) Interracial marriages are highest amongst the middle class bracket.












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