5 Reasons Why Solitude is Good for You

5 Reasons Why Solitude is Good for you

In this article, I will be discussing some of the reasons why solitude is good for you. After going through some tough times, both in my personal and career life. I have found that solitude has helped me go and grow through it one day at a time. In this current world where we’re instantly connected, most of the time, it’s quite hard to find solitude. Finding solitude for me is quite healthy. Here are some of my personal reasons and experiences on seeking solitude not just during tough times, but also during those moments that you think you just need some time alone.







1. Solitude helps you get to know yourself better.
We tend to listen to the opinions of others when it comes to ourselves not realizing that they’re just mainly opinions of how others see us by what we show them initially. Having time alone at some point in our busy lives enables us to evaluate ourselves, think clearly and know ourselves better. We get to ask questions like, “Am I really what they say about me?” and when you experience solitude, you get to do stuff on your own without anyone telling you this and that. You get to listen to your inner voice, and the more you listen to your inner voice, the more you get to do what you want and not thinking about other’s opinions. And through that, you get to know yourself better.







2. Solitude gives you an opportunity to restore and plan your life.
We get preoccupied with planning the events in our lives like wedding, vacations and the likes, but have you ever thought of planning on how to get the most out of your life? What the main purpose of the hustle and bustle of your everyday life is? I bet you haven’t, I can definitely relate to that. And having time alone has helped me think clearly like a blank sheet of paper, and as I go on, I began to plan my life, a life with purpose not just because the world told me so. Experiencing solitude had me think clearly and listen to myself and what I want my life to be in the future







3. Solitude increases creativity and productivity.
Being around people tends to distract us from getting stuff done and limits our creativity in some way. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good to have people around to get things done quickly and collaborate to be more creative, but there are times that you just need some time alone to concentrate and get things done on your own. In my experience, having alone time has enabled me to boost my creative juices and pour it into something that I am passionate about which is photography. I get to think of new ideas and execute them the way I like and not thinking of what others will say had me releasing my true style and creativity which in turn also helped me be more productive as I began to clear my mind and focus of the important things.







4. Solitude helps in problem-solving.
We cannot deny that our decisions are most of the time influenced by others. When it comes to solving problems, we tend to seek advice from others and even if we have our strategy of solving our problems, it’s still being affected. With solitude, we are not being distracted by others’ opinions or thoughts. We get to think clearly and come up with solutions that we can apply without distractions. Whenever I’m going through tough times, I tend to seek advice from others, and yes, that helped me. But then, I make it a point that I also have time alone to think and evaluate each solution and step that I will take. Solitude in tough times helps me keep sane and energizes my soul to be more positive in life.







5. Solitude gives you a sense of freedom and makes you happier.
Having some time alone means doing anything you want under the sun. You get the freedom to choose where you want to go, where you want to eat, whenever, wherever. It’s no denying that you feel happy with people around to spend these moments with, but it’s also part of self-care to spend some time alone and take advantage of the freedom that we all are entitled to. Solitude has given me a sense of belongingness with myself most especially when I feel burned out of all the life events happening. It has made me happier as I get to do things I really want with no one to approve or disapprove, there goes the feeling that you have the world on your own for a short period of time which helps in living a healthier happier life despite all the
responsibilities of adult life.

Spending time alone gets me recharged and boosts my energy which gets me ready to conquer life itself. It won’t hurt taking some time away from all the hustle and bustle of life, to prioritize yourself, aim for self-improvement, relax, and simply enjoy being with yourself. Seeking solitude does not necessarily mean getting away to someplace far. Set aside a few minutes of your day to be alone with your thoughts, that can simply help you recharge and continue the process of aiming to be the best version of yourself.

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