5 Risks You Should Always Take

Life is full of risks – and every day there’s always a chance for something to go terribly wrong. The odds of randomly getting struck by lightning are not zero, after all. Getting out of your bed could also lead you to stumble and break your leg, but you still do it anyway, right? You calculate the probability of that risk in order to gain a greater chance of happiness and fulfillment. 

Here are some risks you have take in life.

1) Risk Rejection

Have you ever had a crush slip away because you feared their rejection? 

This risk is one of our deepest human fears. (Amodeo) But in order to grow, you have to risk the chance of being rejected by a friend, a job offer, or a possibility for romance to blossom. One way of helping you is by taking a step back to ask yourself why a part of you even considers this risk in the first place. If there’s great value worth gaining on the other side of the tunnel, you will be much better off in the long run knowing that you’ve given it a shot and overcame that negative thought in your head. 

2) Risk a New Experience

Have you ever wanted to move out of your small town and live in big, metropolitan cities? Or vice versa? Why or why not?

A big change is a scary thing to imagine for many people. Whether it’s staying in your old town or sticking to a soulless dead-end job, the safety and security that familiarity brings about may tempt you to remain chained to what you already know. Do you have a dream job and are just one click away from sending in an application? You will never know for certain how well you fare if you’ve never clicked “Send”. Taking the risky road may lead to a greater opportunity for growth and improved quality of life. 

3) Risk Voicing Out Your Beliefs

Have you ever wanted to bring something up but conceded at the last second? How did that feel?

Research from a closed study shows that 37% of people prefer to choose the incorrect answer of the majority over the right answer. Humans are social beings who feel comfortable when we’re accepted by a group of people, even at the expense of ourselves. The tendency to conform or to relinquish unforgivable behavior from others is not only unhealthy but can also lead to the stagnation of a group or community. (Exploring Your Mind) Voicing out your beliefs, even if they’re proven to be wrong or groundless, is good for your mental health as it’s an act of self-respect. Everyone in the room deserves to be heard.

4) Risk making mistakes

Do you ever feel that you have to be a perfect person to be worth someone’s time? 

Whether you like it or not, there will always be someone who will be better at you in your chosen career path or goal. Don’t inhibit your growth in order to compare yourself as one of the best; everyone starts as a beginner at some point in their careers. Don’t worry about coming across as a klutz too, your mistakes are stepping stones to becoming better versions of yourself. Even Beth Harmon lost countless games against Mr. Shaibel before finally beating him and more. Now more than ever is the best time to build up your failure resiliency and take the chance to make mistakes head-on. Only then will great opportunities await. 

5) Risk Letting Go

Do you know anyone who wears you down emotionally?

Not only do toxic people go out of their way to negatively affect you, but they also can gain great joy at your displeasure, whether they admit to it or not. Needless to say, these are not the types of people you have to surround yourself with, even if oftentimes it feels like they’re the only ones that stick around. You can never find happiness from a person who sees you as someone who’s easily manipulated or controlled. Life is too short for you to satisfy others at your own expense. Setting up boundaries and regaining control in your life by letting go of these people does wonders for your mental health and is a risk that should be highly considered.

Closing Thoughts

Let’s face it: without people taking risks, we may not have many of the amazing things that we have now. The Wright brothers took the risk to fly an airplane. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon. So many more great figures of history pioneered the first step and ended up changing the world for the better. Imagine all of the great things that are just waiting to be brought to fruition once you begin to take the first step. You’ll never truly know for certain unless you try.

That’s all for now, Psych2Goers!

There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction.” –  John F. Kennedy


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