5 Secrets to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety

Children suffer from anxiety as much as adults do. Parents need to realize this and make every effort to decrease the degree of their anxiety. Most of all, it is important to help them overcome the feelings of anxiety completely. Here are five secrets to help your child to overcome anxiety.

Secret 1: As children grow, they start life with a few basic emotions. However, they can develop emotions such as anxiety at an early age as well. This could be the result of a negative event or experience. The first secret to help your child to overcome anxiety is to become aware of it. You do this by monitoring them carefully especially after a negative event or experience. You can do this by gently coaxing them into talking about it. Do not overwhelm them but make the conversation as casual as possible.

Secret 2: Many children become anxious when they have to attend school for the first time or have to change schools. The secret is to know the signs of this type of anxiety. Some of the signs include being overly shy, having difficulty falling asleep, and having tummy aches or headaches. The latter are physical manifestations and need to be treated as well. The best way to deal with this is to provide supplements specifically geared to anxiety. There are many vitamins and supplements available specifically for children. Get them some sugar-free gummy vitamins that look and taste good as well. Vitamin D is an important addition for an anxious child.  

Secret 3: A third secret on how to deal with your child’s anxiety is, to be honest with them. Provide them with information that will allow them to see the actual situation and not the perceived one. Guide them through the scenario to help them filter out their exaggerations, for example. The parent should fill in the gaps so that they understand the picture fully instead of filling in their ideas that will create anxiety. For example, you should provide your child with enough information regarding the current global situation so that they do not become anxious and fearful of the world outside (Jaworski). Try looking at these free educational resources and find ones that you can share and learn with your kid.

Secret 4: The fourth secret on how to deal with your child’s anxiety is a more practical one. Sit with them, calm them down, and do some breathing exercises. You could add some soothing music to enhance the activity further. The idea is to teach them the technique so that they can use it on their own as well. An important aspect of this exercise is drawing attention away from the anxiety, specifically the cause. By closing their eyes, and using their breath by slowly inhaling and exhaling, while thinking of a safe place, they can learn how to become calm and relaxed (YoungMindsUk).

Secret 5: The fifth secret can be a very enjoyable experience for you and your child. Over the years, art therapy has become part of mainstream therapies and is, therefore, a unique way to help your child deal with their anxiety. Most children enjoy coloring and drawing. Therefore, a great way to relieve them of anxiety is to let them draw the pictures to color. Free drawing can also help you, the parent, to understand what the anxiety is about. You can do this by having a Q and A about the drawing. You can apply the same methods to painting. You could encourage bright and airy colors, or calming colors to calm and soothe them. Another way to spend time together in a relaxing way would be to cook or bake together. Kids can use their artistic skills to make fun and tasty recipes such as Peeps Pretzel Rods which will help them take their mind off stressful thoughts.

In order for your child to overcome anxiety, you need to address it. There are many different ways to help them find solutions to their anxiety. Talking about it – that is, talking it through – is part of most of the exercises of dealing with their anxiety. Besides this, you can help build their bodies by making sure that they have sufficient nutrition such as Vitamin D in the form of sugar free gummy vitamins

It is important to make sure that they have all the details of a situation so that they do not overreact and become anxious. Helping them use their breath through breathing exercises and participating in art activities will help them develop a calm demeanor when faced with anxiety-producing situations.

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