5 Self Care Tips For Quarantine


Having to be stuck at home can be quite difficult at times and even
trigger anxiety and depression if we don’t set good plans to go through
this moment. In a heartfelt attempt to make everyone’s life better, here
are 5 Self Care Tips for you to nurture yourself during quarantine time.



We all have things that we don’t need to keep or use anymore,
sometimes we just get too attached to emotional memories that some
objects bring to us. Anyway, the fact is that when we hold onto things
there aren’t useful anymore we end up occupying the space that
could be taken by something else. Also, decluttering is a great way of freeing
ourselves from unnecessary attachment.


Do Something You Haven’t Done In A While

Have you ever recalled your childhood favorite games or hobbies? Why
did you stop playing them and why don’t you do those things that you’ve
always loved but somehow left back without even noticing?
Maybe it’s painting, maybe it’s writing or even doing crosswords or
accounting. There is always something we’re good at that needs some
more attention.


Learn Something New

In times of having so much time in our hands learning
a new craft can be refreshing and exciting, bringing back to us that
sensation of being productive and useful.


Get Yourself Well Informed

Being in the middle of this limbo with so many information being thrown
at us can be a little confusing if we don’t learn how to quiet
the noise and collect only what’s necessary.
Get yourself well informed about what’s going on by reading and
watching the news from reliable sources and always make sure to check
if what’s being said remains accurate.



Above all, we are just human beings and we’re all trying to do our best
during such an odd and confusing phase that no one was expecting for.
Keep yourself grounded and well nurtured, understand that as long as
we remain conscious and cautious about our actions we’ll get over it.

It’s all for one, take care.

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