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2. They give you false praise.

This one is subtle, because how can you tell the difference between false praise and authentic praise, especially if you’re dealing with someone who is a master at acting? Introverts can be naturally passive in their nature and may not give out compliments that much. But when they do, they often mean it. A jealous introvert, on the other hand, will mean the opposite of what they say if they give you praise. To figure out whether or not they were giving you a true compliment, try to hear the subtle differences in their tone as they speak. Jealous introverts will try to come off as sincere, because the last thing they want to reveal is their true feelings.

According to psychologist Leon Seltzer, exploitive praisers know exactly how to raise your confidence with the intention of benefiting themselves in the long run. They will be calculating with their compliments and go out of their way to support or validate your viewpoints to win your favor and attention. They do this, because they want to get on your good side, only to use it to help them get ahead in life.

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Written by Catherine Huang

Catherine Huang graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a BA in English. She has a penchant for storytelling, ramen, and psychology. Catherine is a writer for Psych2Go and looks forward to reaching out to its growing community, hoping to encourage others to tap into self-examination and confront life's challenges head on with the most difficult questions.

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