5 Signs an Introvert is Jealous

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4. They avoid you when things are going well for you.

When you share good news with them, instead of celebrating your happiness together, you may find that they retreat. Instead of making a loud scene about their insecurity, jealous introverts can create more distance and shut down on communication. If you’re in a relationship with a jealous introvert, rather than being honest about their feelings, they may quietly sulk when they feel threatened by the successful networking you’re doing or your job promotion that will result in you moving further away.

So, they’ll blow hot and cold with you, causing confusion to stir within you. They do this because it’s their way of feeling like they’re in control when they refuse to disclose their true feelings with you. They may also purposely leave you in the dark without providing answers for their lack of engagement, because they aren’t ready to accept their own jealousy. In fact, sometimes a jealous introvert may not even be aware that they are jealous, especially if they’re prone to rationalizing their feelings instead of embracing them.

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