5 Signs an Introvert is Jealous

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5. They try to give you advice that may seem like good ideas, but in reality, only benefit them and make them feel important.

This kind of behavior can be incredibly hurtful once you figure out that they’re doing this. It might seem like they’re genuinely looking out for you, especially if you consider them a best friend who always gives sound advice. You might have always considered them a shoulder you can lean on and cry in times of trouble. Basically, you thought you could trust them, and then you realize down the road that all the advice they were giving you wasn’t even for your own personal growth and well-being, but a way for them to have the upper hand.

Introverts can generally be great advice givers because they often take the time to observe the world before participating. They are also more naturally inclined to think things through instead of impulsively acting out. A jealous introvert, however, will have different intentions. They may want to feel needed by you because it boosts their self-esteem, so they may give you bad advice that influences you to make the decision they were hoping for that will keep you running back to them for more advice.

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