5 Signs of Relationship Compatibility

There’s no easy way to tell if you and your partner are a good fit. Just as opposites can attract they can repel. Just as similar personalities can make good partners they can be too similar. It comes down to each individual relationship. However, there are some traits of lasting relationships that are common enough to be trends.

Here are five such traits seen in compatible partners.

They Have the Good Type of Differences

While most compatible couples share the same fundamental values, they don’t have to agree on everything. One partner might like Marvel movies and the other hate them. One partner might like wine and the other prefer beer. Differences like these are okay and may actually bring couples together. If partners have the exact same interests there’s no opportunity for growth. They can’t teach each other and learn from each other. Maybe the beer drinker hasn’t been exposed to the right type of wine?

But good luck trying to convert the Marvel hater…

They Apologize and Take Responsibility

This trait is essential for all relationships, romantic or otherwise. People who are highly compatible have little issue admitting their mistakes and apologizing for them. An apology can be hard, even between people who are extremely comfortable, but such people swallow their ego if they know their partner will do the same when they are in the wrong. This is an invaluable check and balance system in which only compatible partners seem to participate.

They Keep Baggage in Check

I don’t mean this literally, of course. Baggage refers to events that occurred in the past that negatively affect a person in the present. More specifically, relationship baggage is the remnants of a bad relationship that can affect a new one. Although anyone who has been in a previous relationship will have a bit of baggage, compatible partners keep it zipped up. They know that the baggage was not caused by their current partner so it’s unfair to unload the contents onto them. A new relationship is a fresh start; it should be treated like one.

They Don’t Make a Big Deal Over Little Errors

Mistakes happen. People who are compatible know that their partner can’t be totally compatible all the time. Forgetting to text you back or eating something they shouldn’t or keeping the toilet seat down are annoying things your partner may do, but compatible couples take these minor transgressions in stride and don’t freak out. They understand that these isolated events don’t define their partners. And even if these events develop into a trend compatible partners can talk with each other and refer to signs 1 and 2 if necessary.

They Don’t Think About Compatibility

If this article has made you wonder if you and your partner are compatible, you and your partner are probably compatible. Any subsequent doubts are manufactured. A relationship that has lasted till this point without conjuring any thoughts of compatibility is one that is working. How lucky are you that your relationship is going so well that you haven’t had the time to think if you two are compatible or not? Give yourself, and your partner, a pat on the back.

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