5 Signs Someone Is TOXIC, Not You

Beware toxic!

Have you ever seen this sign placed somewhere? Yeah, usually it’s near electricity or a chemical area; however, you might be closer to someone toxic than you think. Toxic people are among us, and they exhibit certain behaviors that have a negative effect on us. They tend to upset society’s balance by causing physical and emotional pain to other people.

The effects of a toxic person can be detrimental to an individual, due to their actions you will be manipulated to think that the toxic person is you and not them. In this article, find out 4 signs the other person is toxic and not you.

Disclaimer: This article is not made to attack anyone who may display these signs, but rather to understand them and bring more awareness to the topic! 

Number 1, they exhibit manipulative behavior.

Manipulation is the second name of a toxic person. They are skilled at using any means necessary to obtain their goal. They will use blackmail, threats, breed lies, and lay guilt trips. They turn the tables around and point the finger in your direction if there is any dispute. They will use your friendship, kindness, and love against you to get what they want, this is called emotional manipulation.

Moreover, toxic people have ways to make you believe you were the one at fault, for example, you were late at arriving at the cinema because they took so long to get ready, but instead, they will blame you for driving so slow on the way.

Number 2, you feel emotionally drained after talking with them.

Have you ever felt so tired after talking with a friend you started questioning if you were sick? You went out for dinner but came back with a raging headache?

Toxic people are like magnets that attract and absorb all your energy just by being around their vicinity. They create a bubble of stress and negativity that sucks you inside it.

During a conversation with mbgrelationships, clinical psychologist Perpetua Neo says: “They cause you a lot of distress that you may even justify because you can’t understand why it’s affecting you so badly.”

Number 3, they are always the victim.

Toxic people will not admit they are wrong. They will shift the blame on someone else and paint themselves as the poor victims. For example, toxic people will argue that they did not clean the garage because YOU did not remind them to do so.

Furthermore, if you are in an argument with a toxic person, your point of view will not be taken, and they will fabricate lies that make you the criminal and they the victim.

They are urged to be always right, and they will use any means necessary to prove it. In fact, toxic people are prepared to go to such lengths as filing a lawsuit over simple issues just to be seen as the ones who are right.

Number 4, lack of apologies.

Following the previous point, since toxic people think they are always the ones in the right therefore there is no need for them to apologize. They will shift the truth, lying their way out of the situation before they apologize.

And even if they do apologize it will not be sincere, it will sound like “I’m sorry YOU believe that way.”

Number 5, they have no boundaries.

Have you ever begged your partner for some time to think about that trip? You asked for a few days to ponder the idea and study it but suddenly they have the ticket purchased already without your consent.

Toxic people have no boundaries, they will easily invade personal space, ignore your wishes, use your things without asking, always barges into your house like they own it, and do things without asking you first.

In conclusion, we should have a closer look at the members of our social circle to determine if they are toxic or not. Everyone deserves to have people who are supportive and loving instead of discouraging and hateful. Toxic people can be identified by their manipulative behavior, feeling tired after talking with them, always playing the victim, lack of apologies, and lack of boundaries.

Do you know anyone who might display these traits?


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