5 Signs You Are A Good Friend

5 Signs You Are An Awesome Friend

Having friends is an essential part of our lives. Whether it is formed from high school, college or work, having friends can make tough times easier and they can also help us create the fondest of memories. With that said, do you think you are a good friend? In this article, I will be sharing some signs that you are an awesome friend.

1. Good Friends Listen

A prominent sign that you are a good friend is that you listen to your friends. When they are sharing important details about their lives or confiding in you, you would make your best effort to listen. Being able to listen shows that you care about your friends and that they are important to you.

2. Good Friends Are Honest

Now we know that honesty is often the best policy, even in friendships. Understanding the importance of honesty towards your friends shows that you value their trust. Even in difficult times, true friends are always honest as they would want the best for their friends. Most times, the cold-hard truth is better than a sugar-coated lie.

3. Good Friends Are Supportive

Having friends is often about supporting one another during both good and bad times. A good friend would always try to support you in your endeavours. They may question your decisions at times but are always ready to support you even if they share different perspectives from you. If it makes you happy, you can be sure that they will support you.

4. Good Friends Are Thoughtful

Thoughtfulness is a definite sign of a good friend. They make effort in looking out for your welfare. Even when you are busy, they do not forget to invite you and always ask about you. This shows that they are concerned and are letting you know that you are in their thoughts. They are also ready to be there for you if you need their support.

5. Good Friends Are Understanding

A good friend knows that imperfections are what makes us human. They also understand that your flaws are a part of you and are able to overlook those flaws as they treasure your friendship. A good friend will also learn to accept you for who you are as time goes by because acceptance can sometimes take a while for certain people. They are also non-judgemental and are usually very empathetic.

Do you feel that you are a good friend? Or are you surrounded by good friends? If these points resonate with you, it is highly likely that you are a good friend. If these points bring certain people to your mind, you are fortunately surrounded by wonderful friends.

Last but not least, good friends are hard to come by. Many friends come and go as we enter different phases of life but it is important that we always try to ask about them. It takes time to build strong and lasting friendships which is why good friends should be treasured. It is rarely about the quantity of friends that you have but rather the quality of the friends you make.

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