5 Signs You have Beat the Narcissist

Hello, Psych2goers. Most of us have heard of the term narcissist or even knew how one typically behaves. In this article, we’ll explore how you may potentially beat a narcissist down without using violence. As a disclaimer, the points are just general possibilities and not all points can apply to every situation.

1. Give them no attention

Commonly, narcissists want everyone to only care about themselves, not other people. If you stop letting a narcissist take the spotlight of attention all the time, they can feel being defeated (Empaths Refuge, 2021).

2. Accept the fact about them

If you accept the fact of encountering a narcissist, it doesn’t mean you completely obey their opinions. Rather, it’s all about knowing more about their personality and not letting the narcissist beat you verbally and emotionally. Once you accepted the fact that you can never persuade or change a narcissist, don’t blame yourself and see what you can learn from this experience instead (Zung, 2020).

3. Don’t listen to their judgment

Wherever you are and whoever you are, narcissists usually have a tendency to judge you. For example, it can be something as simple as your appearance, your personality or your skills. The most important message is to love yourself and know that their meaningless comments are just to let you down as their accomplishments (Hill, 2019).

4. Don’t forget their intentions

Similar to the previous point, narcissists can give negative comments on any kind of minor topics. The common reason is that they feel insecure about something they don’t have. For instance, if they criticize your relationship, it can mean they probably might not have been in one or their relationship was poor. Their comments can actually show how vulnerable they are (Hill, 2019).

5. Don’t stay too close to them

If you happen to have a narcissist around you, such as in school or at work. Try your best to distance yourself from that person physically and emotionally if you can. The less interaction you have with them, the more time you can spend on yourself and the ones who truly care about you (Hill, 2019).


Do you recall doing any of these before? Was the experience successful? Let us know if you’d like to share!


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