5 Signs Your Life Is Out of Control

This article is for educational purposes and is based on personal opinions. This article is not a substitute for professional advice, but for general guidance. We advise you to always listen to your intuition and always do what is right for you. If you can relate to any of these signs, please do not take this feedback as an attack on your character. This article was meant to be a self-improvement guide for those of you who have been feeling a little stuck.

Have you recently felt like something is out of place? Well, with everything that is happening all around the world, a lot of people are getting this kind of feeling. The global pandemic has introduced the enforcement of social isolation and quarantining. Because of this, a huge number of jobs were lost as businesses were forced to stop operations, causing a lot of added pressure on people’s mental health. Add to this the daily stress and pressure that you might be feeling, and you have a perfect explanation for why you might be feeling like something is off and that your life is out of control. However, feelings might be a little bit deceiving at times, so as a way to raise awareness and provide more information about this topic, in this article I will be discussing some of the signs that might show when your life is out of control.

You are only focusing on yourself

How much do you invest in your relationship with others? Not investing your time and energy on others is one of the signs your life is out of control is when you only focus on yourself and ignore everything else. Not investing your time on others will result in less fruitful and less meaningful relationships, which will naturally lower the opportunities that come your way (Harbinger, 2020). Additionally, solely focusing on your own will completely eliminate the possibility of understanding and improving yourself through other people’s opinions and feedback.

You will also be more prone to mental health issues that stem from loneliness such as depression and anxiety (Harbinger, 2020). To prevent this from continuing, the solution is simple in theory, start prioritizing your relationships with others. However, this could be a bit more difficult in practice, especially if you got used to focusing on your own interests and ambitions. Try taking small steps and asking basic questions to start learning about the interests of the people surrounding you, and what is happening in their lives.

You talk yourself out of commitments

Do you find work meetings or family commitments burdensome? Being able to stick to commitments that you have made requires motivation, and constantly talking yourself out of these means that you are lacking motivation and would rather talk yourself out of them. And this sign is much more common than you might think. Human brains are wired to oppose doing things that require additional energy when the reward is uncertain (Harbinger, 2020).

Additionally, constantly talking yourself out of commitments will also impact your relationships since people will think that you are just trying to avoid social interaction, causing them to slowly distance themselves from you. To address this, take a breather and think about what might happen if you fulfill your commitment and what might happen if you don’t. Will the benefits be worth the extra energy that you’ll invest? It’s also helpful to be patient when expecting results, rather than just giving up because you don’t get benefits at that same instant.

You can’t clearly distinguish between work and leisure

Have you ever gone home after a long day of work only to continue getting work emails? Technological developments have brought about incredible benefits, allowing people to connect over long distances. However, it has also blurred the line between work and leisure time. Especially now that a lot of businesses were forced into “work-from-home” routines because of the global pandemic.

Not being able to clearly determine when you should be working or having leisure time can make you feel like you are never really taking a break or never really working efficiently (Niewhof, 2016). You might find yourself in between these two areas without even realising it. To prevent this, you should definitely set boundaries and arrange your routine to follow these boundaries. Turn notifications off when you are done working. Keep distraction away when you are working. You will be able to increase your productivity if you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing at a specific time.

You don’t think anything is fun anymore

When was the last time that you had fun? Not being able to think of anything fun to do is one of the signs that your life is out of control. And believe it or not, it happens much more frequently than you might think. Not being able to think of anything fun can be mainly attributed to either a lost of perspective or a misalignment between important things such as your life goals, values, career, and relationships (Nieuwhof, 2016).

Addressing this is of utmost importance to avoid developing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety, since these will make it even harder on you. To break out of this, try doing new things and making more commitments. The main objective of doing this is to make you commit on just enough things that require you to give more than you usually give, but don’t make you abandon them easily (Harbinger, 2020). The extra stimulus and challenges will hopefully help you find things interesting and fun.

You haven’t gone out with friend or family for a long time

When was the last time you went out with your family or friends? A lot of time can be attributed to the fact that people were forced to isolate. However, if you were not seeing your family and friends even before the pandemic, it might be a sign that your life is spinning out of control. It can either mean that you are socially isolating from people around you or that you are too busy with work. According to Clifford Singer, MD, we are social species that thrive and survive by using social networks, and socially isolating will pose additional stress on our minds and bodies, leading to impacts on our health (Singer, 2018). In the case that you are too busy with work, not being able to go out with family or friends means that you don’t have a healthy work-life balance, which can also make your life spin out of control (Turnbull, 2015). Whichever the case might be, there is only one solution, and that is to go out with family and friends. Seeing other people once in a while in a relaxed and fun environment will bring you great benefits.

To wrap this article up, having your life spinning out of control is something that needs to be addressed as soon as you can. If any of the signs that I have mentioned sound familiar to your current situation, try the solutions that I have given if you feel that they are appropriate. Otherwise, try something else that will help you take control of your life and suits you better. What’s important is that once you identify the issue, you take action instead of just letting things continue as they are. Yes, it will take additional energy and effort, but it will all be worth it.


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