5 Things an Introvert Needs to Be Happy

Introverts and extroverts are different. What an extrovert really enjoys, an introvert can loathe and vice versa. Because introverts find socialising very exhausting, it’s important that their downtime is spent doing things that maximises their happiness but doesn’t zap energy. Unfortunately, us introverts can’t just lock ourselves away and never socialise again to ensure we’re always functioning at 100%. Socialising and meeting people is a given of everyday life, and something that we have to learn to cope with.

This is why it’s so important to ensure that we have a solid amount of time recharging our batteries, and making sure that we feel as close to 100% as possible. This means that when the time comes to venture out of the house, we are armed with a full battery and are in a great mood. So for any introverts out there struggling, Psych2Go shares 5 things an introvert needs to be happy.

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1) Understanding Friends

Sometimes, as an introvert, there are times when you’re invited somewhere and at the time you’ll think, ‘yeah, that sounds amazing count me in!’. But in reality, when that time actually comes along you’d rather stick a fork in your eye than attend. Maybe you’ve had a really busy week or were out the night before, but you really don’t want to go. It‘s good to surround yourself with friends who will totally understand when they get the ‘so sorry, can’t make it tonight!’ text. Usually, I try to limit this to a minimum as, even though my friends understand, I still feel a massive amount of guilt for cancelling. But sometimes, you really do feel shattered and know you’ll be like a wet flannel for the whole night. It’s nice for your friends not to hold it against you and not take it personally if you’re a no show.

2) A space that’s theirs

Sometimes, this is especially difficult to come by. A space that is truly yours, somewhere you can escape to and just be alone with your thoughts. It’s a real dream. Even though I still live at home, I’m lucky enough to have my office (in reality our damp garage!) to escape to. This space has been vital for me to just go and sit when I need a few minutes. Because the garage is so far away from the noise of my household, it really does feel like I’m getting some quality alone time. Introverts thrive when they’re alone and enjoy spending time with themselves. Having this space, no matter where, can be really beneficial for introverts. Especially if they’re having a really full-on week.

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3) Fulfilling conversations

It’s hardly a surprise that introverts hate small talk. Socialising for introverts can be challenging, never-mind being stuck with someone talking about how unusually nice the weather is. Small talk is boring, un-motivating and sometimes down right dull. Introverts get energised by having meaningful conversations. We want to connect with people and expand our knowledge. Introverts want to have conversations that mean something! There is nothing better than watching someone talk about a subject they’re passionate about. Their eyes light up, they smile and just radiate happiness. And you’ll find when someone is talking about their passion, it makes for easy, flowing conversation.

4) Comfortable silences

When introverts aren’t having meaningful conversations, we enjoy a nice bit of quiet time. I feel like I’ve got this down to an art now! My friends and I could probably spend an entire day not saying a thing and there would be no awkwardness. This obviously depends on what your friends are like. One of my friends is a right chatterbox and loves nothing more than talking me to death (even in the cinema!) but we are comfortable enough with each other that when he is quiet, it’s not awkward. Sometimes, just being in someone’s company is enough. Like I said, introverts hate small talk. They’d rather the silence over mindless chatter.

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5) Time to unwind.

Much like having a space to be alone, time to unwind and settle down is also super important. Because introverts can become exhausted from socialising and being out all day, it’s vital they have time to unwind and become calm before the struggles of the next day. Without this time, we can become crabby and irritable. Often, it can lead to snapping at people and finding socialising even more exhausting. Setting time aside to relax and unwind can really help your mood.

What do you think?

Are you an introvert? What do you need to be happy? Psych2Go would love to know! Be sure to leave a comment below!

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Granneman, J. (26th OCTOBER 2017)  12 Things Introverts Absolutely Need to Be Happy. Introvert, Dear. Retrieved 29th May 2018.



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  1. You explained me perfectly. I suffer from MS as well so my energy is low as it is nevermind small talk and socializing.
    Great read! 🙂

  2. This is me, to a T. Thank you! Shared on Facebook. I feel like this is the guide to understanding me. FINALLY, a learner’s manual.

  3. I love to be there in get-together.. Frequently bored. But i prefer silence. I easily tired with people. I don’t like much audio calls.. sometimes i prefer text chatting.

  4. This is me! While reading this, the name of one my friends came to mind. She understands this about me.

  5. Thanks for this. Most of my friend don’t understand me this’ll help them understand me much better. I love all your guy’s content on Youtube and this site, it helps me alot.

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