Everyone wants to know what the best principles are that can be applied to any marriage to make it a happy one. This is a question that is becoming more and more important by the day as divorce rates keep going higher. From my years of doing best paper writing service reviews and assignment helper, I understand that the whole idea of trying to get at what is the most foundational quality of a happy marriage; the most core principle, is about going way beyond what you can see on the surface. It’s about getting at those things in a marriage that you absolutely cannot leave out if you want it to last and be prosperous.

These are the things that the happiest married couples do every day to strengthen their marriages; the things that help marriages to last till both members of the couple are old and, eventually, until one or both of them pass on. The things that fulfill that part of the marriage vows that claims the marriage should last until death parts the couple.

It all starts with mutual Love

To be sure, none of the things you normally do to keep the spark in a marriage can work if the marriage isn’t based on a strong foundation of love to begin with. If you and your significant other are married for any reason other than love, then trying to make the marriage work or be a happy one will always feel like some kind of chore you have to do, rather than something that brings you genuine joy. With love, however, you can bet many of the things on this list will come easily. They will just feel natural, and you will want to do them regardless of the effort that is required to do them.

What we’re trying to get at here is that situation where you’ve been married for a while, and you can feel the familiarity creeping in and messing with the spark. You still love each other, but the novelty has worn out, and the excitement of being with your partner might have exited the building and given room to a collegiate atmosphere where you and your spouse engage with each other more as roommates than lovers. That is a situation that can make the marriage boring, despite all the love that is there between you two. The things that the happiest couples do every day help to keep such an atmosphere at bay.

Would you like to know what these things are? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Here are the things you will find the happiest married couples doing for each other every day.

  1. They acknowledge that no one is perfect

Quite often things do not work out between spouses because they hold each other to impossibly high standards. The truth is that no one is perfect and neither is your spouse. There will ultimately be things about them that will irritate you.

The trick is to find someone with whom you share a reasonable compatibility, right from the beginning. If you’re compatible about most things, then you should focus on the good in your spouse, rather than the bad. Focusing on the things about them that turn you off will only build resentment over time. However, when you focus on the good qualities, you will begin to appreciate them more and more, and interactions between you two will be based on mutual positivity.

  1. They don’t rely on their Spouses to feel complete

Perhaps the wording used to refer to spouses, like “better half” and “significant other”, help to perpetuate this myth, but the truth is that your spouse does not exist to complete you or make you whole or ‘fix’ you; rather, they are there to complement what you already have, like a teammate with whom you can make a great team.

To be fair, your spouse may play certain roles in your life from time to time, depending on your relationship, such as being your best friend or confidante. However, you should not have the unreasonable expectation that they should do these things or you will face disappointment and, ultimately, resent them. Try to expand your support network beyond your spouse to include your friends, family, and your own self. It’s much healthier that way.

  1. They go out regularly

This cannot be stressed enough said best essay writer. Having new and exciting experiences together certainly helps to build the bond between you and your spouse. It should be done in the absence of the children, and you should both switch your phones off and shut the world out. That alone time will help you realize why you love each other after all.

  1. They invest in their Marriages

The principle of investment applies everywhere, whether you’re investing in a business, assignment writing service or a essay writer service, or a marriage: you get out what you put in. Generally, what you put into your marriage, in terms of energy, thought, and time is what you get out of it. So the more good stuff you pour in, the more good stuff you’ll get out of it. Talk to your spouse about what is working and do more of it. Likewise, talk about what is not working and figure out how to solve the issues. It pays massive dividends.

  1. They never stop doing what they did at the beginning of the Relationship

What was it that you enjoyed about your very first date with your spouse? What little things do you remember them doing at the beginning of the relationship that endeared them to you? What about you? What endeared you to them at the beginning? Many marriages see a decline in excitement because the couples stop doing all the good things they did at the beginning. Ask your spouse what they wish you still did that you used to. You might be surprised. Once you know, keep doing it! The key is consistency.


Ultimately, marriage is a piece of work that you have to do every single day. Just like a house plant, it needs to be nourished every day, or it will wither up. Put in the work, however, and you will see the beautiful results unfold over a lifetime.

Sharon is marketing specialist, resumewriters and blogger from Manchester, UK. When she has a minute, she loves to share a few of her thoughts about marketing, writing and blogging with you. Currently, she is working as a marketer at my assignmenthelp and paper writing service. You could follow Sharon on Facebook.

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