5 Things To Remember During Tough Days

We’ve all had our fair share of horrible days. Days where you come home exhausted mentally, physically, and emotionally. Where the only thing you feel like doing is to lie in bed and sleep. Sometimes, the day has barely started, and it’s already panning out to be horrible. 

You feel irritable and overly sensitive. Maybe you are even holding back your tears or have had to run to the bathroom to cry. It’s okay. Most of us have experienced bad days. 

  • Tough days are inevitable.

Sometimes, we tend to catastrophize bad experiences. In this mindset, it is easy to forget that a bad moment can be an opportunity to learn. Consider bad days as beta tests for future bad days. With bad day experiences under your belt, you will be able to handle the ones that lie ahead. 

Life will always bring problems and tough days. Regardless of how long they last (because sometimes a bad day can become a bad week), remember that it’s not forever.  

Life always moves on. It never stays stagnant, no matter how much you think it does. Life’s a roller coaster; it has ups and downs. Just try to enjoy the ride. 

  • It’s okay to take breaks and ask for help.

Bad days can make you want to hold onto control and take on the world. It’s a bit paradoxical, but holding onto control makes us feel secure. But, when you are having a bad day, it’s okay to take breaks and reach out to ask for help. You don’t need to shoulder that much burden. 

Please reach out to someone you trust for help, whether it is a close family member, a friend, or a therapist. 

  • Believe in yourself and pace yourself. 

Tough days can wear you down. At their worst, bad days can make you feel less confident in yourself and your capabilities. The best remedy is to believe in yourself. Despite what you are facing, you are still strong, capable. So, believe in yourself and forge ahead. 

  • Focus on what you can control. 

A sudden crisis can cause a bad day or make it worse. In those moments, focus on what you, only you, can control. Do not try to take on more tasks than you can handle.  

  • Tomorrow offers a fresh start.

I think the greatest comfort for bad days is the promise that tomorrow brings. Tomorrow is a new day. It is an opportunity to renew your strengths and take on your challenges.  

So, don’t be discouraged when you have a bad day. Take care of yourself and go forward believing in tomorrow. 


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