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5 Ways Men and Women Dream Differently

In another article on Psych2Go, we looked at some amazing little-known facts about dreams. One of these facts was that men and women dream differently.

Because it is such an interesting fact, we’d like to further explore the differences between how men and women dream.


1. Men dream about men; women dream about men and women

Men tend to dream more often about other men, while women dream equally often about men and women. PsychologyToday reports that 67% of the people in men’s dreams are other men, while 48% of the people in women’s dreams are other women.

There isn’t a known reason for this, but we can infer that since women tend to gain their self-esteem from relationships and men gain their self-esteem from their performance in the world, it makes sense that women dream of themselves in the context of their relationships, while men dream of themselves in competition with other men.

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