5 Ways to Ask an Introvert Out

Asking anyone out can be a daunting experience. Putting yourself out there saying ‘I like, like you’ is scary and is probably why lots of people wait a few weeks before approaching the person they fancy. And that’s cool, it’s always easier to ask someone out when you’re used to talking to them daily.

But with us introverts, that ‘few weeks’ could turn months because introverts can be tricky to read. You might not be sure if they fancy to back, or if they even like you as a person yet. So then comes the question, how do you ask someone out when they’re really quiet, doesn’t enjoy socialising that much and are often locked away in their own head? Luckily, Psych2Go shares 5 ways to ask an introvert out:

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1) Texting.

I am an introvert and I genuinely can’t remember the last time I actually phoned someone. I’m all about texting. Getting to know someone via text is actually easier than people might think, especially with an introvert. Socialising face to face might not be the best way to get to know them, as they might already be feeling drained from a day at school or work. They could be grouchy and exhausted and will probably snap at you which you don’t want when you’re trying to woo them. So stick to texting at first to make sure they’re comfortable with you. Building friendships before a relationship is important for introverts.   

2) Scout out the situation.

Like previously stated, introverts can be hard to read. In some social situations they can go into total lock down and immerse themselves in their own heads to get some much needed escapism. This can come off to others as being rude or ignorant. If you’re unsure of how your crush feels towards you scout it out with their friends. They might have mentioned you to them and it can be a real confidence boost. Alternatively see your crush on a one to one basis so they’re not in a social situation. They’re likely to be relaxed if it’s only one person they’re with.

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3) Take it slow.

It can be a long process getting an introvert to feel comfortable around you. So working up to asking them out might take a bit longer than it would an extrovert. It’s important to remember to take things slow. Start off with texting and then meet up with each other just as friends. You don’t want to start off on the wrong foot. You also want to ensure you get to know how introverted they are, so if you do ask them out you take them to do something that won’t make them uncomfortable.

4) Pick an introvert friendly activity

When asking an introvert on a date it’s important to pick an activity that they’re going to like. They might say no if you ask them to a party or out in a group. Maybe for a first date pick the cinema. You can talk or flirt with each other on the way there and once in the cinema the introvert can recharge if they need and feel release from socialising. It’s a good way to spend time with someone without the awkwardness of trying to fill every moment with chatter, and eases the nervousness and pressure.

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5) Go for it!

At the end of the day introverts and extroverts aren’t that different and asking anyone out on a date is really just about going for it. You don’t know what the outcome will be until you ask. Just remember to have fun with it, and if the answer is no then don’t get disheartened. There’s plenty more introverts around!

What do you think?

Have you asked an introvert out? What tips do you have? Psych2Go would love to know! Be sure to leave a comment below!

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