5 Ways to Create a More Tranquil Workplace

It is always a great idea to have a more tranquil workplace. Whether you have a corner office or a home workspace, having a healthy, comfortable environment is a blessing. It makes you more creative, less stressed, and more productive. 

You have a problem – your table is always a mess. Between the computer and Wi-Fi system to your personal items, your desk is always disorganized. Cluttered desks aren’t great for work as it ruins positivity which can indirectly affect productivity.

Others may thrive in stressful environments, but some can only do well in a relaxing space. Since most people don’t have the luxury to change jobs, why not improve your workspace instead? Style your desk in a way that makes you happy with these five tips.

1.    Declutter Your Area

If your desk is unorganized, your mind generally is too. That’s why it’s incredibly crucial that you always clean and declutter your desk and desktop. Doing so will provide you with clarity and focus on whatever you are doing.

Here are some guidelines when you organize your workspace:

  • Create your to-do lists, notes, and spreadsheets online instead of on paper. This way, they are available across all your devices and not lying around your desk.
  • If you like to write notes, reminders, and lists on paper, make sure to keep them in a single notebook.
  • If you are not into handwritten notes, you can use list-making and reminder apps instead. It’ll also help remove the post-it clutters on your desk.
  • Sort out papers, only keeping those you need for the task at hand. The others, file away in a box and store on your desk or somewhere you have easy access.
  • If you have a stack of things on your desk, start sorting them out and throw away those you don’t need. 
  • Increase productivity by limiting apps, programs, newsfeeds, and other tabs on your browser. Keep only the things you absolutely need for the task you are working on.
  • Turn off notifications on your phone and laptop that can distract you.
  • Remove icons you’re not using on the desktop while pinning all the tools you need on the taskbar.
  • Get rid of any distracting sounds and use calming, but brain-stimulating music as a background instead. 

2.    Tweak Your Lighting

Is your workspace too bright or not bright enough? If it’s a little dark, it is easy enough to fix it by adding a desk lamp. It should also be the same if it is too bright – you can just turn off the light and use a dimmable lamp. However, it only applies if you have your own office.

If you are working in a cubicle where there are other workers, it can be tricky to get around the fact that it’s too bright. You can choose to work remotely (if possible), suck it up and deal with it, or risk looking silly wearing sunglasses inside. 

black floor lamp on living room sofa

3.    Invest in Work Essentials

You can make your work so much easier if you invest in work essentials. It’s not only for comfort but practicality as well. If you are stuck on your desk, then make sure you will be comfortable the whole day. 

It is also helpful to have all the items you will need within reach. If you can, ask your supervisor for better supplies. If that isn’t possible, consider getting them yourself. Don’t just buy whatever’s on sale, but those that can make your workspace better.

Here are some of them:

  • An ergonomic chair. It should ensure your arms are at a 90-degrees angle for better typing and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Extra monitor or computer. Look for those with specs you need. They should also be easier for your neck and make your work more comfortable.
  • High-speed Internet access. The dial-up connection is long gone. While a broadband connection is also great, consider getting a Wi-Fi mesh network system.
  • A minimalist desk. Make sure to have a traditional desk, a counter, or a table for an ergonomically correct workstation.

Other essentials you can invest in, include:

  • Comfortable pillows for back and shoulders
  • A standing desk
  • Comfortable, soft-touch, silent keyboard
  • A fan or heater for optimal room temperature
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Speakers or Bluetooth speakers
  • Surge protector
  • Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Network router 
  • Multipurpose printer
  • Backup drive
  • File cabinet/bookcase/fire-safe box
  • Desk light
  • Paper shredder
  • Water bottle 

4.    Go Green

In this case, going green is not about investing or using biodegradable materials. Of course, it is also great to do that. But what we say by going green is to add a small plant on or by your workspace. Office plants are said to increase productivity at least by 15%.

Don’t pick up fake plants, but real live ones. Get some oxygen-generating plants that can clear up the stale air quality of your room. Besides that, plants will liven up the mood and make any space inviting. If you get a cactus, it’s also said to eat up radiation. 

silver iMac with Apple Magic keyboard on top of white table

5.    Ground Yourself in Your Space

When you are working, it is easy to get caught up on all the worrying and stress. At times like these, what you need is to ground yourself. You need to be present in the sensory world again. You can avoid being overwhelmed with work by adding elements into your workspace. 

Put earth element items near or on your table. Add wood or rocks that you can easily touch on a bowl as a décor or table centerpiece. Just being able to see or feel these natural items can get you out of your head for some time.

Going green falls under this tip as well since adding a plant can connect you to nature and freshens the air. Similarly, unplugging electrical appliances that you are not currently using can help remove excess electricity running on your workspace.

The Bottom Line

It’s great to have a relaxing workspace, and the tips above can help you achieve that. However, you can only do so much. If you still feel stressed and unproductive, the problem might be something else. If that’s the case, try looking for other ways to achieve optimal well-being. 

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