5 WEIRD Things Someone Does When They Like You

Hey Psych2Goers! Do you have a sneaking suspicion that a particular person likes you? And yes, that’s in the “like-like” kind of way. Do they act differently around you than they do with other people? Have you ever been in a situation where you thought someone liked you, but you were completely wrong? Were you super embarrassed because of it? Is this time any different? If they like-like you, do you like-like them back?

When we like someone, we often do lots of different things so they notice us. What things immediately come to mind for you? A lot of the time, we’re really seeking some form of validation or approval from others. If you want someone to like you, there are many different ways to go about it. Some good. Some bad. Some overly obvious, and others entirely too subtle.

Are any of those things you do, kinda, or even super weird? Does anything go too far? What are some things that you will definitely do when you really like-like that special someone?

Here are ‘5 WEIRD Things Someone Does When They Like You’.

Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes and is based on personal opinions. This post is not a substitute for professional advice, but general guidance. We advise you to always listen to your intuition and always do what is right for you.

#1. The Social Media Stalk

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This is a big one, and most likely the majority of people have done this at one time or another. Say you meet a person you like at a party. You give them your number. A few days pass and you haven’t heard a word from their end. How could this be? You’re surprised, because it seemingly went so well. While waiting for what seems like an eternity, it’s likely that they’re searching you up. Where? On every single social media platform beforehand.

The first thing they’ll be checking, is if you’re indeed single. They’ll check Facebook for your Relationship Status. They’ll scroll through your Insta, while trying to find any hint or clue of a significant other. One that you maybe failed to mention when you both first met. Is it just photos of you and your pets? They may not be so sure.

They’re also probably going through all of your posts, just to get a better idea of who you are. If they’re really interested, they’ll want to know more about you before sending that first text. While waiting, it’s not a bad idea to think of a few jokes you can send back their way, once they do. Or have a nuclear stockpile of GIFs prepared. Those who GIF together, stay together.

#2. Obsessively Re-Read Your Texts

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Speaking of texting, when someone likes you back, they may struggle to not be super obsessive about it. When you’re texting that person, is there a protocol? Do you type it out first, read it silently, read it out loud, and then re-read it seven more times? Are you double and triple-checking your grammar and punctuation? Is that little dot-dot-dot notification driving you totally mad, as you wait for the other person to respond?

Only for them to type nothing? Are you getting frustrated just by that thought? When someone likes you, they might also double or triple-check the amount of time between, and the number of messages sent back and forth. If they reply too quickly, they may be worried that they’re coming off too needy or overbearing. Although, if they reply too late, you might find yourself losing interest.

They may text back almost immediately, because they don’t want you to be kept waiting. What is the proper amount of time to wait before texting back? Do you know? Do they go through and re-read all 11,997 text messages you sent back and forth to each other over the last two months? If they’re unsure how you feel about them, they may go to the very start and re-read every single message. They may want to track the narrative arc of your connection.

Are you the kind of person who sends off four or five individual messages all in a row? Or do you write everything out in one giant block of text, broken down into paragraphs, like you’re writing a short story? Or is it one large block? Which do you prefer? If you write in short quick bursts, and they really like you, they’ll probably write back in the exact same way.

#3. Copy Your Speech Patterns & Mannerisms

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When you’re interested in someone it’s only natural to spend time with them. A lot of time. The more you like someone, the more you’ll go out of your way to be around them. If a person really-really likes you, they may seize every single opportunity to be in your company. The more time you spend around other people, the more likely it is you’ll start mirroring them too.

They’re probably going to start speaking in a similar rhythm and cadence. Do you have keywords or catch phrases that you say all the time? Have you noticed that they started saying them too? Do you talk a lot with your hands? Do they often gesticulate wildly back to you?

Do you swear a lot, or not at all? If you’re someone who swears very casually, and the other person swears back in equal measure, it means they’re probably very comfortable being around you. As they often say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

#4. Trying Too Hard In Your Friend Circle

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If someone really likes you, a big hurdle they have to pass, if not the biggest one, are your friends. Your closest group of friends know everything about you. They’ve probably known you for a longer time period than the person that likes you now. Your social media and texting history can only tell a person so much. If a person likes you, they’ll want your friends to like them do.

Hanging out as a group in a social setting can be really beneficial, for this reason. For example, it will tell you what they’re like around wait staff and what kind of drinks they enjoy. Are they receptive to your other friends when being told a funny story? Do they ask your friends a ton of questions about you? If they come off as really awkward in front of the group, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. They might just be super nervous.

Chances are, you’ve felt nervous around their groups too. Your friends should know you better than anyone. If the other person puts in the effort to listen to more than just you, that’s a good thing.

#5. They Do Things You Like, That They Have Zero Interest In

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Do you really enjoy quietly looking at artwork in museums? Do you casually stroll through the park on a bright and sunny day? Or is it more of an intense jog? If someone really likes you, they’re also more likely to join in on activities that they wouldn’t normally partake in otherwise. Take the exercise point for example. Are you often getting out there and working on that cardio? Does the other person never go for an intense run? Or even a casual jog?

If someone likes you, they may be more likely to say yes to something like this. They may want to share in your interests. If they do join your workout, you may find yourself frustrated with them because they’re lagging behind. They may not be used to such physical exertion on their body. Be gentle and kind with them. They’re likely going very far out of their comfort zone. That means a lot.

What someone is willing to do for you, within reason of course, says a lot about them.

Final Thoughts

Attraction is often complicated. Relationships can sometimes be even messier. Signs that someone likes you can be very confusing for sure. How one person reacts to a situation could be totally different to how you would yourself. Signals can also be misinterpreted. Wires can also be crossed. Do you know someone in your life who’s exhibited any of the WEIRD things mentioned here?

Or on the flip side, have you exhibited any of the WEIRD things mentioned? Are you the one who’s obsessively checking the other person’s socials, and re-reading their texts? It’s totally okay if you are. You’re not alone. Just try and avoid accidentally ‘liking’ one of their old vacation photos from four summers ago.


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