6 Attractive Traits Of Highly Sensitive People (HSP)

Are you sensitive to all sorts of things around you, like other people’s feelings, nature, beauty, or even the lighting in your room?

If so, you might be a Highly Sensitive Person, or an HSP.

Highly Sensitive People share a biological trait that enables them to process information on a deeper level than most of the general population. As a result, they are highly attuned to various subtleties in the world around them (Aron, n.d.). 

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As the term “highly sensitive” implies, there are a number of challenges that come with being an HSP. However, people—especially HSPs themselves—tend to overlook the fact that there are many wonderful, positive and attractive things about HSPs, as well.

Here are 6 Attractive Traits Of Highly Sensitive People (HSP).

1. Highly empathetic

One defining trait of HSPs is their high level of empathy. This means that HSPs can feel others’ emotions as if they were their own (Andersen, 2018).

HSPs make for great partners because they can sense and understand their loved ones’ emotions on a deep level (Byrd, 2020). They tend to be attentive and considerate of their partner’s feelings.

2. Good listeners

People are drawn to good listeners. Everyone wants to feel heard and valued.

HSPs are naturals at this—they are usually wonderful listeners because they process information on a deeper level. It is typically easy for HSPs to stay engaged in a conversation, quietly observing and absorbing what the other person has to say (Byrd, 2020).

3. Observant and Detail-oriented

HSPs notice little details and subtleties in their environment, in other people, and in their work (Daniels, 2020). This helps them to be conscientious and competent in what they do—qualities that are often considered attractive, as people want to be with a partner they can count on.

Furthermore, this means that HSPs tend to notice if something is troubling their loved ones, and often know what to do to help them feel better (Aron, n.d.).

4. Appreciative of art and beauty

HSPs tend to have a deeper appreciation for things that stimulate the senses, such as music, poetry, and various art forms (Byrd, 2020). Simply being around an HSP can be enriching and eye-opening, as they have the ability to inspire others to appreciate life more fully. 

Many people are drawn to passionate individuals like HSPs, who are so deeply moved by art and all of the beauty they experience around them.

HSPs typically excel at these activities because of their predisposition to notice and feel deeply. They also tend to seek outlets to express their emotions, honing their craft in the process. As a result, HSPs tend to be both creative and skilled human beings (Andersen, 2018).

5. Deep thinkers

HSP are complex thinkers (Daniels, 2020), owing once again to how their brain notices more things around them, and processes information on a deep level (Aron, n.d.). They are often highly intelligent, deep learners who look for opportunities to do equally deep and mentally stimulating work (Byrd, 2020).

HSPs are also self-aware and reflective. This allows them to truly learn from their mistakes. HSPs will reflect on what went wrong, work through their feelings, and try to avoid making the same mistake again (Byrd, 2020). This also helps them to be better decision-makers in the long run. They are emotionally mature, making for valuable partners.

6. Feel deeply

HSPs feel happiness, enjoyment, and gratitude more deeply than most people do (Andersen, 2018; Aron, n.d.), which means that they fully appreciate and cherish their loved ones. Positive experiences can encourage an HSP to practically radiate good vibes, making them uplifting and thrilling to be around.

HSPs don’t shy away from negative feelings, either, and see to it that they process these properly. They deal with their problems and learn from them—a mature response to challenges they face, either alone or with a partner. 

All these also mean that HSPs love deeply and profoundly (Andersen, 2018), and they truly see the value in their partners and the love that they share. Those on the receiving end of an HSP’s love are fortunate to have them in their lives. 


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